Charles  Jarrott

Born in 1877 he planned to go into law, but ended up Racing in every major event up to 1905.

His racing career started at Crystal Palace on the cycle track with a De Dion tricycle. he drove a Panhard with the then new Napier engine in the 1900 1000 miles Trial.

His first International event was the Paris-Berlin in 1901 on a 40hp Panhard he was given the number 13 so the car was painted green to cancel the bad luck, he finished 10th.

In 1902 he again drove a Panhard the new 40hp version in the Circuit Du Nord, the cars ran on alcohol and despite being slower and hampered by  torrential rain he managed to get 2nd behind the Panhard of Maurice Farman, he was challenged right to the end by Marcellins Darracq.

For the 1902 Paris-Vienna race an all new 70hp 13.8 litre Panhard was built to the 1000 kg Maximum weight limit, he finished 11th having repaired his broken gearbox and with the chassis tied with string.

Panhard did not seem to interested in getting it repaired so his team mate Pinson suggested that they enter the Circuit Des Ardennes in Belgium this was to be run just before Welbeck  Panhard might change his mind THEY DID. Jarrott won despite being attacked at every turn by the Mors Racers this was the first closed circuit race.

At Welbeck a week later he achieved the then fastest time set in the UK of 64 mph over a flying K.

Also in 1902 Jarrott went into partnership with William Letts as sole agents for Old's and De Dietrich.

He drove a De Dietrich for 1903 in the Paris-Madrid and finished 3rd, his De Dietrich failed in the Circuit Des Ardennes a month later, he crashed his Napier later that  week and broke his collar bone .

For 1904 he had a 96hp Wolseley Beetle in the eliminating trials to decide who ran in the Gordon Bennet and a 89 hp De Dietrich in the French Trials, he took 12th place on the Wolseley at the Taunus Circuit in Germany

 He retired that year he was of the founders of the AA in 1905 he died in 1944  


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