Pietro Bordino

Born in Italy in 1890 by 1904 he was riding mechanic for Felice Nazzaro, Vincente Lancia and De Palma.

By 1908 he was driving for himself his first event was the Thierry Hill Climb.

In 1911  he made some high speed runs with the big 300 HP Fiat.

It took until 1921 to make his mark he took the lead in the Brescia GP and kept it until the oil pipe on his twin cam Fiat broke but he did manage to make a fastest lap of 96.3 MPH.

 Bordino always drove to win this did not mean that he actually finished, in 1922 at  Strasbourg for the French GP his team mates Felice and Biagio Nazzaro where left behind  until 2 laps from the end his back axle broke, this was a fault all 3 cars had and Biagio was killed when his broke but Felice managed to make it to the finish to win.

The opening of the Monza Autodrome gave Bordino 2 great wins the first a 373 mile Voiturette GP  at 83.25 MPH and a week later the European GP at 89.90 MPH.

He set the fastest lap in practice of 85.6 MPH in the Tours GP and 87.18 MPH on the first lap leading until his blower swallowed a stone.

At the 1924  Targa Florio he finished 4th but he fainted on the 4th lap and Nazzaro had to finish the race for him.

He led the 1924 GP at Lyon until his brakes failed.

This was his high point and after a 10th place at Indianapolis and with Fiat withdrawing from racing he took to Bugatti, his Type 35 took 7th in the 3 litre class for the 1928 Mille Miglia .

He was practicing for the Targa Florio when he hit a dog and fatally crashed


Louis Wagner

Born in Paris  in 1882 he joined Darracq in 1901 and was team driver in 1903.

Alexandra Darracq entered his cars in everything and Wagner was kept very busy.

He won the circuit of Bastogne and came 3rd in class on the Paris Madrid when it was stopped.

In 1906 he went for the Vanderbilt Cup which he won, he was jailed for 48 hours by local police after a quick burst down Broadway.

Both Darracqs driven by Wagner and Hanriot pulled out of the Targa Florio.

He left Darracq to join Fiat in 1907 and raced in the Kaiserpreis but Nozzaro won. He broke down in the 1907 French GP and all of the Fiats retired in the 1908 GP, but he won at Savanna.

In1909 and 1910 he was flying airplanes and was in the air when CS Rolls crashed in the Wright Flyer.

The 1912 French GP was driven alongside De Palma and Bruce Brown, all driving 14 litre Fiats he finished 2nd behind Georges Boillot's Peugeot.

He was driving for Mercedes in 1914 for the French GP he finished 2nd behind Lautenschlager.

After the war in 1921 he drove a Fiat for the Brescia GP but had tyre trouble. Later that year he joined Ballot, he finished 7th in the 1921 French GP with a 8 cylinder car.

In 1922 he was with Rolland Pilain for the French GP.

In 1924 he was driving for Alfa Romeo, 1925 saw him driving for Delage, Peugeot and Aries as a free lance 

1926 gave him a chance to drive a sleeve valve Peugeot he took 6th place in the Targa Florio and 2nd in the Coppa Florio.

he made a lap record in the French GP of 1927 on a Talbot

He retired to become a instructor at Montlhery and died of  a Tuberculosis related illness in 1960 and was buried there

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