Elizabeth Junek
Born in 1908 she married a Prague Banker at the age of 21, she saw her first Bugatti in Paris and they bought one of the 2 Litre team cars that had finished 2nd 3rd and 4thin the French GP at Strasbourg.
The racing driver Pierre Marco delivered the car in 1922, after some use it was returned to the factory for a new body.
After the Tours GP they bought a Tank Bugatti but the road holding was suspect, they complained to Bugatti and where given the choice of one of the new cars they chose a type 35S.
Between 1924 and 26 Elizabeth competed in several Czech events and then decided to tackle the Klausen Hill Climb and was 2nd in class.
They then decided that they would do the Targa Florio and after walking most of the circuit she managed to get to 4th on the first lap and was doing well until a breakdown stopped here. She was given a special Gold Cup Medal for her efforts.
Later that year on the Moravian circuit of Prada she came 2nd behind Cenek, then she won the first German GP at the Nurburgring, she also won 2 ladies places at Montlhery and a 2nd in the Karlova Studanka with 2 broken con rods.
In the next Targa Florio she decided to go for the Ladies Cup, SHE PRACTISED BY DRIVING THE WHOLE CIRCUIT 5 TIMES. She was 4th on the first lap, in the lead on the second but dropped back with a leaking water pump and finished 5th to win the Cup.
When her husband was killed in the German GP she retired.

Bernd Rosemeyer
The only car he ever raced was the 400 BHP rear engined Auto Union. Born in 1909 in Germany he was in the DKW motor Cycle team, he was given the chance to drive the car because other drivers where used to the conventional cars and his lack of experience proved a success.
His first race in the 1935 Avusrennen ended in retirement, but in the next event the Eiffel Rennen he almost beat Caracciola.
By the end of the season he had won his first race the Masaryk GP on the Czech Brno circuit.
In 1936 he won the Eiffel Rennen, the Italian, Swiss and the German GP along with the Coppa Acerbo and the German Championship.
It seemed on the face of it that he took a lot of risks but Dr Porsche said that he just drove faster than anybody else.
The 1937 Avus Rennen was not a success but he came first in the Eiffel Rennen at an average speed of 82 MPH.
The next test was the Vanderbilt Cup on the Roosevelt Raceway on Long Island This was not a circuit that suited him but after 560 Brake operations and 720 corners he won setting a lap record of 2.18 minutes, he also lost 5 Pounds in weight.
In the German GP he came 3rd after going of the road.
He was killed On January 28th 1938 trying to regain the Flying K record that stood at 268.3mph from Caracciola he was on the Frankfurt-Darmstrat Autobahn when his car was caught by a gust of wind and he hit a bridge.


Louise Rosier

Born in 1905 he was a Garagist from Clermont Ferrand, he raced a supercharged 1100cc Scap car in local hill climbs. He soon had a Talbot Lago that he took to Le Mans without success.

His first big win came in 1947 in the Albi GP with the Talbot he had taken 7th at Spa the week before and managed 6th at Riems the next week. The Albi race was over 40 laps on the fast triangular Les Planques circuit 5.5 miles with a lap record of 100 mph, it was 100 degrees in the shade, many retired but Rosier kept a steady pace and won in front of Raymond Sommers 1100cc simca. He came 3rd at Chimay in the GP des Frontieres, 4th in the GP at Lyon and 3rd at Strasbourg.

 In 1948 he bought a new 28bhp Lago Talbot racer and won the Coupe Du Salon at 90.56 mph took 3rd at Albi, but at Le Mans the car overheated and as he could not refill the radiator without disqualification he withdrew. But with his other placing 3rd in the British GP, 1ST in the Belgian GP and 3rd at Albi he was champion of France a title he kept for 4 years.

He won the 1950 Le Mans, the Dutch and the Albi GP and came 2nd in the Argentine 500 miles.

In 1951 he won the Dutch and the Bordeaux GPs

In 1952 he bought 2 Ferraris a 4.5 Litre Formula one car and a 2 Litre Formula 2. With the F1 car he won at Aldin in 52 and 53, and in the F2 car he won at Cadours in 52 and Sables d Olonne in 53.

In 1954 he had a 259 F Maserati and a sports Ferrari, his last victory was with Jean Behra in a Maserati in the 1000 k at Montlhery.

He spun the Ferrari as he was competing in the Coupe du Salon and overturned, he died of head injuries 3 weeks later he was 51


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