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The Fantasy Web World

A web site and fellowship for the serious gamer...or daydreamer.

Greetings, and thank you for visiting The Fantasy Web World. This site is no longer Ohio based, as I moved!! We hope to be able to post your submissions here. Including stories, poetry, artwork and the like.
Though this site is based on role playing adventure games, it is not bound to follow that path. There is plenty of room here for discussions on books, and movies, computer based games, or just dreams.

All ages and all games welcome!!

Please email us!

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Games are being played every weekend in Greencastle, Pa. If you are interested, please E-mail me by clicking on the mail box.

We are eager to accept your submissions, weither it be art work, poetry, writings, or up and coming events...please email us!

just click the mailbox and please check out my new site...The Marketplace!

This Role Player's Alliance site owned by Geoff Armstrong.
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