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For some reason, the front page of this site doesn't like to be looked at by Internet Explorer 4.0. This page is for people who are using that particular browser, or some other browser that doesn't like my background.

This is an MP3 trading page. There are no direct-download MP3s here. E-mail me and tell me which MP3 you want. Then tell me what I get out of it. The sections are clearly labeled. There's "what I have" and "what I want."

hereís what I have:
* - live version without a studio version

hereís what I want:

DISCLAIMER: You must delete any MP3 you download within 24 hours from the hard drive to which it was originally saved. If you do not you are in violation of United States and International copyright laws and are subject to the appropriate legal and criminal prosecution. If it's good enough to break the law over, it's good enough to buy the albuum.

Iíll tade on a one-for-one basis, unless you have something I really want, then you can get more. I cannot send MP3s to a web-based e-mail account, as they will usually not allow any file over 1000k in size to come through. In order to trade, you must to have ICQ. Even if you don't want to trade, get ICQ anyway. You can reach me here:

ICQ: 29212985
AOL Instant Messenger: carlmarx83
(I'm usually online on ICQ and AIM from about 9:30 to about 11:30 evenings.)

Let me know if you have any questions, corrections, comments, etc. If you have a Classic Rock, Pop-Rock, or Psycadelic Rock MP3s you think I might want, try me. Ya' never know. But if you try to send me music that sucks, (i.e. Yanni, country music, Spice Girls, etc...) I will not only never trade with you, but I will laugh at you...hysterically.