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WILLIAM SAMUEL ANDERSON:26 Aug 1958-9 May 1995 CMS(E-9) US Air Force/AF Reserve(Retired)

WILLIAM DAVID ANDERSON:TSGT(E-6) 7 Dec 1982-present AF Reserve/US Air Force Bio-Medical Equipment Repairman, Achievement award,2 Commendation Metal's,others,assignment's Wilford Hall, Lackland AFB,Texas,Travis AFB, CA.,Korea,Malmstrom AFB,Mt.,Germany & other's.

LAURIE LYNN PALBICKI:(E-3) 7 Jul 1993-7 Jul 1997, Medical Administrative Specialist,assignments Lackland AFB,Texas,Sheppard AFB,Texas & Malmstrom AFB,Mt.

ROBERT ANDERSON:US Army WW II,2 purple hearts,Corporal I got the following information from several letters that were written from Corporal Robert Anderson to his sister, Irene Westbrooks on the following dates: 11/8/40, Jan 24, 1941, May 19, 1941, 10 Mar 1943, 28 Oct, 1943, Christmas 1943 and Sept 19 1944. In the letters, they are very short and mostly mention being lonely. 11/8/40: Just back from Ft Knox, Ky, currently at Ft Benning, Ga. assigned to Co D, 41st Armored Inf. Regt, APO 252, NY, NY., Jan 24, 1941, Went out on ocean 15 miles, may get to come home first of Feb, 1941, Roosevelt said we would be in war soon, assigned to Co E, 41 Armored Inf. Regt, 2nd Armored Division., May 19, 1941, Now in Lacarne, Ohio, will be home soon., 10 Mar 1943, Corporal Robert Anderson, Co E., 41 Armored Inf. Regt., will be where can't write 2 May, Oct 28 or Dec 10th 1943 APO 252 NY, NY., Christmas 1943, Sicily(where I believe he was in the Sicily Campaign), Co D, 41 Armored Inf Regt., Sept 19, 1944(already wounded)Co I, 25A Hqs APO 872, NY, NY. There was a noticable absence of any remark about his wife or children in all these letters. He was wounded either once or twice and received either 1 or 2 Purple Hearts. He had scrapnel in his body to the day of his death. I think he went overseas on a troop ship. He may have also been in North Africa. I am writing for more records on him. His ssan is 257-40-2649 . He was born10 Nov 1919. Next are 3 web sites that tell a lot about the unit's he was in.

ROBERT GENE ANDERSON:AF Reserve/US Air Force 1964-1970



DALLAS ARNOLD CORLEY:US Marine's/Marine Reserves(Retired)(E-7)


JACOB PETTYJOHN:23 Jan 1860-13 Oct 1860 Mounted Texas Ranger served on Texas frontier under command of Capt. William Dalrymple.16 Apr 1861-15 Apr 1862 served in Civil war unit out of Texas,Company A,(McCullough')1st Texas Cavalry Regiment,mounted Rifles.(A theory-He may have left the above unit a few days early and joined Co. H.Texas confederate Infantry Regiment and have been wounded at battle of Shilox on Apr 4th 1862)

WILLIAM A. ALLEN:1862-1863 Civil War, Co G. 56th Regiment of Ga.(Fulton Co.) Volunteer's, Johnson's Brigade(He was engaged in battle during the "Seige of Vicksburg", in the state of Mississippi on 25 June 1863 and was wounded by the explosion of a shell within one or two feet of him, burning his face and left eye so badly as to cause the loss of sight of his left eye, leaving him blind in said eye for the rest of his life.He also fought in the battle of Atlanta "right at the railroad:When he first saw the Cyclorama, he fainted it was so realistic.

JAMES O.L.SUTTON: Civil war-Company K, 43rd Regiment, Volunteer's, Infantry-3/1/1862-Pvt. 10 Mar 1862-Captured by the enemy at Nashville, Tn. 16 Dec 1864 and remained POW until released on 20 Jun 1865 at Camp Douglas, IllinoisUnit Roster

JAMES ALBERT ANDERSON:Civil War From 795th District, Forsyth county,Ga., he served in Company K. Cherokee Legion Infantry, Cherokee State Guards-1863

WILLIS STATON:Civil War, served in 4th Cav, State Guards, Robertson's company


Younger JAMES FLEMING STATON:Civil war, served in 4th Cav, State Guards, Robertson"s Company

ANDREW KIMSEY STATON:1863 Lieutnant in Army,civil war


JOHN F. EUBANKS:Killed in civil war,Co. G, 60th Regiment, Volunteer, Infantry

HARMON BAGLEY:Revolutinary War,N.C.

WILLIAM W. GOOCH SR."He served in the Revolutinary war from N.C. 1777-1779,DAR no's 486626 & 533212. Service: nov 11, 1777, 3 years Pvt Taylor's Company, 6th Reg roll of Lt. Col. Meban's company Pt Sep 1777-Feb 1779. Mustered Nov 1779, N.C.

ABEL KENDRICK:He served as a Pvt for 6 tour's of 3 month's each in the Revolutinary war in S.C. during the period of 1779 to 1782. The first tour was as a volunteer, the other 5, he was drafted. The last two tour's were fought against the indian's. These two were deemed not creditable for war pension. I have all this in much more detail including names of superior officers,etc.

PETER BAGLEY:In Militia, Surry Co.,Va.

WILEY BAGLEY:On 5 Jan 1814, Wiley enlisted in the militia commanded by Joseph Wharton and was stationed on the "frontier of Franklin Co.,Ga." He was dischared on 15 Feb 1814. He served in the war of 1812 enlisting in Capt. Wilson's company at Carnesville,Ga. on about the 1st day of Nov 1814 and was discharged at Ft. Hawkins on 27 May 1815. He was a private in the Company commanded by Capt. Thos. Anderson.

DOUGLAS LYNN SHUMAN:US Army/Army Reserve(Retired) 1968-1998 Vietnam,Awarded Bronze Star with Valor & 2 Purple Hearts.(E-5)


WILLIAM RILEY SHUMAN:Civil War, Sep 1862-June 1865, Co.K, 14th Regiment Infantry Volunteer's, Private

SIR HENRY BULLMAN MINER:He equipped 100 men with battle axes and other implements of warfare and tendered them to King Edward III on the fourth expedition against France in the year 1346.This was the expedition in which Edward the Black Prince accompanied him. For this and other acts of bravery he was knighted Miner as a surname with a coat armorial.

THOMAS MINOR:Lieutnant,(In 1651 he was appointed Military Sergeant in town of Pequot, Conn. with the power to call forth and train the soldier's according to the order of the court.After he settled in Quiambog he was elected chief military officer).

JOHN YOUST:Revolutionary War,7 year's

ULYSSES S. GRANT:He may have had a bit of military service somewhere along the way.

RICHARD TENNANT:Battle of Quebec

ARLIE HAUGHT:killed in the war

PETER HAUGHT I:war of 1812

PETER HAUGHT II:war of 1812

HENRY HAUGHT:war of 1812

TOBIAS HAUGHT:Scalped by Indian's


JOHN HAUGHT:war of 1812

NICOLAS HAUGHT:war of 1812

PETER HAUGHT:war of 1812

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