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Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery are not the answers for all cancers. If they were, then why are so many children and adults still dying during and after treatment?

This site discusses how I am managing to live a good life with cancer. Yes my lungs are not cancer free, but I have already lived longer than the conventional doctors estimated and I am feeling great. I will continue to work to heal myself and also help others to fight for their lives.

Since February 1998 I have been searching for better answers after being told that conventional medicine held no hope and I would live no more than 18 months.

Below you will find information on what has worked for me and others that I have spoken with or read about. I will also share advice given to me by alternative doctors who are responsible for my still being alive.

Information will change about once a week so make sure to keep Life Choice in your favorites:

It has been told to me many times to first find a good doctor and to put your trust in them completely. I heard this a lot in the conventional world of my cancer support group sessions, which I no longer attend.

To me this is garbage. For me my first trust is in GOD or (whoever your spiritual advisor might be). Second is to trust in your inner gut feelings and third to trust in the doctors I choose to work with me not for me.

In other words, don't just accept what your doctor tells you, check out all information, ask lots of questions and know all the risks before you go forward. It is your life and you need to be the boss!

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