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We now have 20" figuaro chains that have a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.These chains are 24kt gold bonded.These chains are priced at $95.00 in stores,but I will sell them for $45 without a pendant.This is a 1 Week Sale.So hurry up,and get it at cheap prices!After that 1 week,it will go back up to $55.To order these,just look for the order symbol,or where it says order,or go here.Then when you get to the order form,put into the "Comments" box,"Lifetime Replacement Guarantee Figuaro".Thank you.
~Hip Hop Wear Jewelry~

This is the no frames site for those people who use Netscape,If you want to use frames,click here.

We have the chains that you're favorite rappers wear right here!!We got just about everything.If you do no see anything that you are looking for, email me at

All of the charms that you will see will come with a chain.If you just want to order just the charm,or just the chain,put it down on the order form as *(stock #)Charm Only or (stock #) Chain Only.*

To order,just look for the .After you submit your order,it will take you to the Internet Explorer version of the Hip Hop Wear Jewelry page, so if you want to come back, just look for the Netscape message, and it will lead you back.Thanks.

If you are searching for anything that you cannot find,email me at, and I will do my best to get whatever you are searching for.

We will be getting more different charms/pendants real soon.Please check back for more updates.

Please email me with any correspondence, suggestions, or inquiry to for visiting, and please come back to Hip Hop Wear Jewelry.

Thank you Tony for the Hip Hop Wear Image.Tony can be contacted at him,and he can hook you up with images for your webpage.



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