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Don't go looking for fairies
They'll fly away if you do!!!
You can never see the fairies
til they come looking for you!!!

.."I Believe, Do You?"

if you believe....
Your eyes are open to worlds of wonder and enchantment may fill your life....

Believe in the faeries
That make dreams come true,
Believe in the wonder
The stars and the moon
Believe in the magic
From the faeries above,
They dance on the flowers
And sing songs of love
And if you just believe
And always stay true
The faeries will be there
To watch over you!

When you are in trouble,
when you feel the need to cry,
we will come love you,
and help you get by.
When you feel alone,
or you're sick and not well,
we'll come hug you,
until you are well.
We are the faeries,
we come to help all,

The fairies thank you for believing..

May happiness and good fortune follow you always..

Feel free to come back..
as often as you like..

Close your eyes, put out the light,

I bring you a touch of fantasy tonight,

Lands of mist, mountains of gold,

Imagine yourself in the lands of olde,

Can you smell the forest so green?

The sky, a color like none you've seen...

Sweet fairy songs in the air,

Dragons aslumber, deep in their lair.


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