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Animated Valentines Gifs

kissing couple

"I Love U" rose

chick with heart that bursts

lady throws kisses

heart with wings and halo

"devil" heart

heart on rollercoaster

teddy bear pops out of package

ghost makes heart

cupid shoots arrow

hearts and drums

"love" flower

fading multi-colored hearts

funny cupid

3 small blnking hearts

couple, kissing in car

couple changes to heart

man and woman kissing

box of Valentines candy

hearts with flowers

romantic couple, kissing

"love" heart

hearts float out of envelope

violet heart

lavender heart "person"

striped pulsating heart

a dozen red roses

"I Love You" heart

arrow peircing hearts

angel blows "heart" kiss

two hearts become one

girl with heart eyes

"All You Need Is Love"

"I Love You" with flowers

"eye" love you

heart with arrow

"Won't you please..."

trunk with heart

2 cute little heart "people"

tree with hearts

"You Broke My Heart"

"free kiss" coupon

"You Give Me Warm Fuzzies"

"I Love You" scrolls across screen


more lips

heart in pea-pod

penguins kiss

heart on flag

happy frogs

large heart with little ones

hearts in a maze

outline of heart with arrow

heart changes colors

pulsating red heart

"Love" heart

pink "love"

sexy frog

heart on fire

"bee" mine

cute little man with wings

elephant with heart

rotating red heart

girl gives a kiss

rabbit with balloon

little bug sends heart

pink and blue heart

pulsating heart in circle

boy and girl kiss

pretty rotating heart

sillohette of man & woman

hearts circle the world

more heart "people"

heart being drawn

another heart changes colors

girl kisses blushing boy

another pulsating heart