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Animated New Years' Gifs

New Years baby

dancing New Years baby

clock moves to midnight


party poppers

1999 changes to 2000

Father Time

dancing Father Time

champagne glass

champagne bottle and glasses

ball drops and counts down

ball dropping

glimmering ball

clowns with Happy New Year banner

rotating champagne glasses


Happy Hew Year with fireworks

man with party favor (head only)


baby in martini glass

countdown to 2000

man dancing

drunk elephant

cute New Years baby

colorful ball

"2000" with exploding fireworks

Happy New Year with party favor

Happy New Year horns

man partying

another man, partying

2000 with champagne

"Y2K" party hats


glasses being filled

animals, partying

clock strikes midnight

exploding champagne bottle

man with party favor

larger man with party favor

confetti falling

party hat and confetti