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If you are looking for a home for your slash fiction, general fiction, drawings, or poetry, e-mail me and we will talk.
All fandoms are welcome.
Feedback is also welcome, but flaming will result in swift and decisive retalliation.

Please read the following definitions before going to a fiction site since I am not one to stick a rating on everything.

Slash = male/male relationships, may or may not be sexually explicit, may or may not contain violence, rough language, or objectionable material

General = safe for all ages, no sex, no excessive violence, no adult or objectionable situations

Adult = safe for anyone over the legal age, may or may not contain sexual situations, violence, or themes unsuitable for underaged readers

All fic on this site is slash unless it has been separated into one of the other catagories.

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Inuyasha by ZzoaozZ
More Inuyasha Yaoi Fanart by ZzoaozZ