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Lost at Sea 40th Anniversary Double LP & Appearance

Sun Hex Reviews

Angel Sparks

Walking through Walls




"Glenn Phillips is arguably the greatest guitarist you've never heard of - and the only argument in that statement is over whether or not you've heard of him."


"The first of a series of extraordinary instrumental guitar albums...

9 out of 10 Stars."

-Uncut Magazine

"Proof that music can be louder than words...5 out of 5 Stars."

                                                      -Record Collector

Supreme Court SUN HEX (2010)


"rather magnificent....features an outrageous gooey center in the form of Phillips’ exquisitely lubricious solos."

-Relix Magazine

"incredible instrumentations...they let it rip with hilarious abandon."

-Georgia Music Magazine

"an Atlanta history lesson on a little silver disc and proof of their enduring talent and adventurous musicality."

                                                                   -Atlanta Journal Constitution



"The shivers and spires in Phillips' melodies are bright elegy, the sound of shadows beaten back by ecstatic guitar."
 -Rolling Stone

 "Listening to Angel Sparks is like armchair travel to a place you didn't even know existed."

-The Atlanta Journal Constitution

 "Phillips rips holes in the clouds, daring you to catch up."

 -Stomp and Stammer



"Guitar Party is a blazing soiree in the '67 spirit of an all-night Fillmore dance concert."

-Rolling Stone 

"The two guitarists dish up smokin' psychedelic '60's covers and several originals on  this  novel CD."
-Guitar Player


HAMPTON GREASE BAND  (1996) *(Out of Print - No Longer Available)*


"An epic 1971 blast of avant-white-blues anarchy and daredevil twin-guitar've never heard anything like this. Dig in."

  -Rolling Stone

"A quarter-century later, it still holds up as a brilliant aural demolition derby of dual-guitar interplay, off-the-wall wordplay, and ferocious improvisation."

 -Stereo Review



"Like Hendrix, but in a vastly different way, his guitar is the voice  of his soul, and it's a soul as stirring as that of any great poet. In an era of cynical, corporate-inspired copycatting, Walls is the work of a true original."

 -huH Magazine

 "Phillips opts for songs of luminous, lyrical beauty. They demonstrate his playing has not
grown any less adventurous over the years, only more focused and disciplined. Album title to the contrary, he clearly doesn't need to walk through walls. He can soar over them on the wings of his
                                                                  startlingly bold imagination."

                                                                  -Anthony DeCurtis



 "Phillips is a guitarist with flair and imagination and seemingly limitless technical ability.

 Scratched by the Rabbit is tough, it's uplifting, inventive, and highly recommended."

 -Relix Magazine


"Phillips is a supremely musical player who has something few musicians attain: a voice  of his own. This is his eighth -- and best? -- album."

-Guitar Player



ECHOES 1975-1985


Double-CD compilation featuring the best from Glenn's first seven albums. 2 & 1/2 hours of music and a 40-page booklet with 14 pages of photos. 43 songs in all including unreleased tracks. 4-Star Review from Rolling Stone.

"Echoes is a flawlessly compiled record of a decade's worth of music."

FOUR STARS- Rolling Stone



SUPREME COURT goes electric (1993)


Glenn's band with vocalist Jeff Calder (Swimming Pool Q's). Also Bill Rea on bass & singer Anne Boston. 4-Star Review from Rolling Stone.

"Supreme Court goes electric welds deranged humor to a guitar that blows hot as an acetylene torch."

FOUR STARS -Rolling Stone

"Philips brings his wild lead attack, crisp rhythm figures and intelligent writing style into a cool quirky pop band."

                                                             -Guitar Player