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 Lost at Sea (1975 Snow Star 1 in U.S. & Caroline 1519/Virgin overseas)


Swim in the Wind (1977 Virgin 2087)


Steve Hillage / Glenn Phillips (1977 Virgin VDJ 23, promotional tour single: contains "Lies" from album)


Dark Lights (1980 Snow Star 3)


 Flyback / She Don't Know (1980 Snow Star 3.1, single from album)


 Razor Pocket (1982 Snow Star 4)



St. Valentine's Day (1984 Snow Star 5)




Live (1985 Shanachie 82006)




Elevator (1987 SST 136) [Cover photo by Hugh Fenlon]


 No Age Compilation (1987 SST 102, contains "Vista Cruiser" from album)


Scratched by the Rabbit (1990 ESD 80432 in U.S. & Demon Records Fiend CD180 overseas)



Echoes (1992 ESD in U.S. & Virgin overseas, double CD compilation)




 Walking Through Walls (1996 Shotput)




 Angel Sparks
(2003 Gaff Music)

Lost at Sea 40th Anniversary Double LP (2015 Shagrat Records / Feeding Tube Records / Snowstar)




Glenn Phillips at the Rainbow LP (2016 Shagrat Records/Snowstar)


 With the SUPREME COURT:  Supreme Court goes electric (1993 dB Recs).

Supreme Court Sun Hex
(2010 SnowStar Records SS14)





 With HAMPTON GREASE BAND: Music to Eat (1971 Columbia 30581 &

 30582, CBS S66296 in Holland, double album, 1996 Shotput CD)



As Producer:

THE SWIMMING POOL Q's: Imaginary Boundaries (unreleased, though songs appeared in 1984 on The Swimming Pool Q's A&M SP-5015).


Guest Appearances:

With BOB WIER and HENRY KAISER: If 6 was 9 A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix (1990 Communion 18 in U.S. & Imaginary overseas, on title track).

With HENRY KAISER: Those Who Know History Are Doomed to Repeat It (1988 SST 198, on "Dark Star / The Other One")

Passed Normal Vol. 6 & 7 (1993 FOT Records, on one track only, "Cobra")

Marrying for Money (1986 Minor Music 1010 in Germany, on "Murder One")

Remarrying for Money (1988 SST 222, same track as previous)



 Guitar Party (2003 Gaff Music)

Electric Willie with Henry Kaiser & Elliott Sharp (2010 Yellowbird)



With THE NASTY BUCKS and PETE BUCK: This is The Nasty Bucks (unreleased, on "Cover Girl")