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Sintha Caroline Eubanks born in Clermont,Hall Co., Ga. on 24 Aug 1843-died 26 sep 1910,married Feb 18 1861 to James F. Staton.

Sintha's siblings were Susannah Eubanks born 20 Dec 1820 Clermont Hall co, Ga m. William (Joe) Elrod, Joseph R. Eubanks b. 5 Oct 1823 Clermont Hall co, Ga,M. Rachel Elrod in Gilmer co, Ga. on 15 Jan 1846,Nathan Hillard Eubanks born 16 Mar 1826 Clermont Hall co, Ga.,m. Lydia Lawrence in 1848,Cassandra Eubanks b. 12 Feb 1828 Clermont, Hall co,Ga, M. William L. Ferguson 7 Jul 1855, Mary Jane Eubanks b. 16 Feb 1830 Clermont, Hall co, Ga.,m. Abner Underwood, Sarah Eubanks b. 18 May 1832 Clermont, Hall co, Ga., Jacob V. Ferguson in 1857, Giles Thomas Eubanks b. 17 Jul 1834, Clermont, Hall co.,Ga. M. Catherine Hooper on 28 Aug 1856, Arminda Eubanks b. 2 Jul 1836 Clermont, Hall co, Ga, M. Ashberry Elliot in 1877, John F. Eubanks b. 1 Oct 1838 Clermont, Hall co, Ga, killed in civil war, M. Sarah Boyd in 1859 and William G. Eubanks b. 7 Jan 1841 Clermont, Hall co, Ga, M. Elizabeth Hardy on 1859.

Sintha Caroline Eubanks parents were Giles Eubanks b. 17 Oct 1797 in Onslow co, N.C.,Died Mar 1870 Clermont Hall co, Ga, buried in Family plat on Shoal creek Rd., and his wife Nancy Talman/Tallman born 3 Jul 1801 in N.C.-died 4 Feb 1894 in Clermont, Hall co, Ga, buried in family plat on Shoal Creek Rd in Clermont, Ga.

Nancy Tallman's parents were John Tallman b. ca 1775-died 1833 in Onslow co, N.C. and his wife Cassandra Gibson b. ca 1775. Besides child-Nancy they had Hannah Tallman, Eliszabeth Tallman and Lewy Tallman.

Cassandra Gibson's parents were William Gibson b. ?-died 1814 Onslow co, N.C. and his wife Mary ,Ann. William Gibson and Mary Ann had children besides Cassandra, Daniel Gibson, John Gibson,William Gibson, Lewy Gibson and Isaac Gibson.

Back to Giles Eubanks who was born 17 Oct 1797. Giles' parents were Elijah Eubanks b. Jul 1775 Onslow co, N.C.-died 23 Jan 1853 Benton co, Ala. and his wife Susannah Burns b.?-d. 19 Oct 1863 Benton co, Ala.Besides Giles, Elijah and Susannah had children, Elisha Eubanks b. ca 1800 in N.C.-died after 1870,M.Malinda Shane, Daniel Eubanks and William Thomas Biddle Eubanks who married Nancy Ann Owen on 25 Oct 1832.

Elijah Eubanks parents were Thomas Eubanks Jr b. ca 1730 in either Talbot co, Md or Jones co,N.C.-died Mar 1808 in Onslow co, N.C. and his wife Salome Bender b. ca 1735 Jones co.N.C.-d.1808. Besides Elijah, Thomas Eubanks Jr and Salome Bender had children, Cassandra Eubanks, Alice Eubanks, Salome Eubanks, Martha Eubanks, Ezekial Eubanks, John Eubanks, Elisha Eubanks and Isaac Eubanks.

Thomas Eubanks Jr's parents were Thomas Eubanks Sr. b. ca 1705 Talbot Co, Md.-d. ca 1776 Jones Co,N.C. M. Rachel Jones in hCerteret co, N.C. Rachel Jones b. in Jones co, N.C. Besides Thomas Eubanks Jr, Thomas Eubanks Sr and Rachel Jones had children, John Eubanks, George Eubanks, Elijah Eubanks, Daniel Eubanks, Rachel Eubanks, Rebecca Eubanks and Sally Eubanks.

Thomas Eubanks Sr's parents were George Eubanks b. ca 1679 Talbot co, Md.,D ?, M. Rebecca ? on 1703.

George Eubanks parents were Thomas Eubanks b. ca 1645 Lancaster, England-d. 1733 Talbot co, Md. and his wife Martha Harrison b. ca 1646 Talbot Co. Md.(Martha's father was Marmaduke Harrison died ca 1717)

Thomas Eubanks and Martha Harrison had children besides George Eubanks, Richard Eubanks b. ca 1689, John Eubanks, Adam Eubanks B. ca 1695, Mary Eubanks B. ca 1697, Lidia Eubanks b. ca 1692, Edward Eubanks b. ca 1687, Margaret Eubanks b. ca 1699, Martha Eubanks b. ca 1699, Phebe/Phyllis Eubanks b. ca 1700, Elizabeth Eubanks b. ca 1703,and William Eubanks.

Thomas Eubanks father was Thomas Eubanks Sr b. ca 1610 in British Isles.


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