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Hello and welcome to the T.V & MOVIE Trivia page.

Here you will find questions about different movies and their sequeals as well as different T.V Shows.

There will be a miminum of 11 questions for each Movie or Show that is picked. There will also be a new Movie or Show Each Week that is asked about.

We would for love you to play.All you do is simply cut and paste the questions,answer them the best you can and send them in.

Each week,your answers will be graded and you will be sent back the results.

Each question will be worth 5 points.If there is more then one part to the question,then each additional part is worth 3 points.The bonus question is worth 11 points. This is to help and try to make the scores different and less chance of any ties.

The top 5 scores will be on the HONOR PAGE! There may be more people as it is possibable that more then one person may have the top score.

We hope you enjoy this and that you tell your friends about it.

Now,on to the Trivia!

Stephen King Books turned into Movies!