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The Official Patrick Duffy Fan Club

Welcome to the Official Patrick Duffy Fan Club. If you haven't had the oppurtunity to see this amazing actor in one of his many awe-inspiring roles such as those on Step by Step, Dallas, and The Man from Atlantis, you haven't truly lived. This man's charm and acting ability will inevitably bring him eternal stardom in the land of Hollywood.....or another pointless role on a trite network sitcom/mini-series.

Step By Step

In this classic TGIF sitcom, Patrick played the part of a dad in a house of unruly kids. I'm sure this show taught every one of us a little something about life...Haha. This show was so lame, I'm sorry.


Now this show was an instant success, lemme tell ya. That's probably why most of us either haven't seen it, or we have seen it on TVLand or something of that nature. But I'll tell you what, Patrick does look mighty handsome in a brown suit...

The Man From Atlantis

Okay, I can't even think of anything to say about this movie/mini-series/TV Show (whatever it was, I don't know). I mean, come on guys...look at the pictures. It looks like a sci-fi flick from the mid-thirties...Anyways, this is a definite low in Duffy's career...