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Thursday, July 08, 1999


An AD&D Campaign Setting

Location In Cosmos:

Similar to Foregotten Realms, Twilight has "planes of existence". The planes are in different space and time but some are so closely related that you can travel from one to another with low level magic. There are 6 inner planes and 12 outer planes. These planes create Tsur. Tsur is the embodiment of mater in the uneverse.


Prime Material Plane:

The Prime Material Plane is the plane that resembles our everyday life. Everything is made of concrete material. On this plane is were the majority of all characters spend their lives. The inhabitants refer to this world as Ta-Feaer. This world includes all the beings of the Monstrous Manual and it s Appendixes.



The Continents:

Faern, Whistp, Evermirror, Draconia



This continent is rather mountainous. Its inhabitant, mostly humanoids and a few rogue dragons, have adapted well. Faern's northern half is comparable to Icewind Dale while its mid and lower half have a more mild climate.Nearly all races and creatures thrive in Faern. There are civilizations that call the sky, earth, and the underground caverns home.

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Whistp is a continent closely related to the anti-material plane. Sice there is a passage between the to planes there stranger than normal things can occur. There is a strong presence other dimensional entities on Whistp. Along the coast out of the anti-matter range of the passage. There are numerous schools of advanced magic along the coastline. The mages and archmages preform experiments around the passage but, few have actually entered. There are also numerous deposits of rare natural resources on Whispt. So there is a trade industry.

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Evermirror is the hidden sanctuary of Elves. Through the millenia they have been able to hide it from unwelcome vistors similar to the way Cormanthor was hidden. This is were the Elves travel to too after they have spent there time in the known world. To other races it only exists as a myth and a bed time story. But every 500 years the elders make their trip across the sea to their "retirement home.

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Draconia is the continent of Dragons. They are held captive there by a mistake made centuries ago by the Wyrm Council. The council wanted to create a magical barrier to protect themselves and their home against the ever spreading humanoid races. Somehow a mistake was made in the casting, so instead of keeping intruders out it keeps the dragons in.

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