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Party: *** Pictures in same order as characters ***


Lance (NPC)- Elven Fighter, Specs in 2 Handed Bastard Sword, also uses battleaxe and shortbow

Michael Shadowbane (PC)- Human Paladin, unhittable AC

Throwrod (PC)- Elven Thief, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold!, Short Sword, Dagger, Shortbow

Tobius Endiron (PC)- Human Militant Wizard, combination of Spells and brawn, longsword, shortbow

Akaren Woodstocker (PC)- Elven Ranger, uses custom made longbow and a longsword

Drugar Redbeard (PC)- Dwarven Bersker, worships tempest, prefers two handed Battle Axe

Synopsis of Adventure:

Our heroes are a motley group. There's Sir Michael Shadowbane, the noble Militarist Paladin whose dual blades cleave foes in two. There's Lance, the Elven Fighter who cuts foes to pieces with his bastard sword. There's Tobias Andiron, the Militant Wizard who flings spell after spell into the fray. Finally, there's the Elven Ranger, with a keen eye and a deadly accurate bow. As our story unfolds, the party finds itself in the employ of the Chief of the Watch atrol Ironstone.They have been asked to explore an underground tunnel which has been discovered in the guard tower. Our heroes readily agreed, and they descended into the darkness, knowing full well that they may not return. They discovered bedding and rations, a clear indication of the presence of another group. As they further explored the tunnels, they came upon a ladder leading upward. They had no time to climb it, however, as three goblinoids fell from above, frightened and in chains. Before they could calm the goblinoids, 2 bugbears also dropped from above and attacked fiercely. Sir Michael was badly wounded, but in the end the fierce creatures were overcome. After speaking with the goblinoids, the party discovered that the bugbears intended to use the tunnels to take the town by surprise when they attacked. In return for this information, our heroes freed the bugbears' slaves. Wasting no time, they swiftly returned to town and informed the chief of the impending invasion. While they were eating dinner to restore their strength before they further explored the tunnels, Lance slipped away and returned to the underground passages. When the party next found him, he had a broken sword protruding from his back. Acting quickly, our heroes were able to save Lance, who explained that he had been attacked by skeletons underground. The party returned to the tunnels and came across a pair of bugbears with their backs turned. A few well-placed arrows put them out of commission. There was no time for back-slapping though, for they were surprised by the skeletons that had attacked Lance, accompanied by a grim-faced Bugbear Shaman.The Ranger's arrow flew swiftly, and dealt a mortal wound to the Shaman, who crawled off into the shadows. Sir Michael and Tobias dispatched the skeletons before they could do any harm. When they searched for the Shaman, however, they found that he had disappeared! With their work completed, they decided to return home.They were summoned to action again very soon, for foul things were lurking in the island near the city. Council member Payne's daughter Kira had been abducted during the night, and a piece of her gown was found on the bridge leading to the forbidden island. With the sun already sinking behind the horizon, our heroes set out across the overgrown bridge. Suddenly, they were attacked by giant spiders! Tobias was sorely wounded, but Sir Michael turned and slew his assailant just in the nick of time. With their wizard now safe, the party was able to easily kill the massive creatures. After a little first aid, the group continued across the bridge and arrived on the island. They broke open the rotting door of the abandoned tower, and, keeping their distance from the metal-eating slime, came upon 2 coffins at its top, one with the faint sounds of struggling coming from it. They threw it open, and discovered that it was Kira! In a quavering voice, the girl told them that she had been abducted by a lesser vampire, who would return for her this evening. Though the sun was nearly gone, she insisted that they find and kill the terrible perversion of life. Their search began in the unfinished Temple of the Holy Defender, where they were surrounded by swarms of bats and rats. Kira fainted as they clawed at her, but Sir Michael stepped in front of her and beat back the horde of rodents. When the vile animals were exterminated, Sir Michael detected a powerfully evil presence.

        The Vampire 

They discovered a secret compartment with a coffin hidden in it. Sir Michael opened it, and a terrifying arm shot out and grabbed him by the throat, recoiling at the burning presence of his holy symbol around his neck. The vampire kicked ferociously, and sent Sir Michael flying across the room. Just at that moment, Tobias drove his sharpened staff deep into the vile thing's heart. It let out a piercing scream of pain, and then crumbled into a pile of dust. They discovered a chest full of treasure, with the symbol of the Holy Defender. Being virtuous fellows, they returned it to the church. They were well rewarded, and, after purchasing supplies set out on their most dangerous task yet: To retrieve the Church's Holy Shield which had been stolen by the young red dragon which was plaguing the land.After a few skirmishes along the way, the party finally arrived at the looming spire of the mountain which housed the dragon. Tobias and the Ranger blundered into a few traps, nearly costing them their lives. After a stern lecture on safety, the group found itself surrounded by orcs! The fighting was fierce, and orc bodies were piled high, but our valiant champions of the weak overcame the daunting odds. Proceeding onward they came apon an oozing form filled of trinkets of sorts, a gelatious cube. After defeating the cube and scouring its contents the party proceeded onwards into an adjacent cavern were a small hill of treasure awaits. As they approached the dragon's horde, they came across 2 other adventursome people: A wily thief named Throwrod, and a talented mage named Filis. The party agreed to cut them in on the treasure if they would help them against the dragon. As the now larger group explored the dragon's lair, they saw a plume of smoke coming from a deep recess full of shadows. Sir Michael boldly stepped forward and called out in a strong voice: "Dragon! We have come to demand that you return our church's holy crest, and cease your molestation of the people of this land! In reply, the crest came whizzing through the air and hit the wall with a loud 'clang'. Then, with speed greater than one would expect from such a large creature, the dragon lunged from the shadows, his massive snout hitting Lance squarely in the middle and sending him flying into the hard stone behind him. As Lance sank to the ground unconscious, Sir Michael drew his mighty two-handed sword and dealt the creature a fierce blow. The ranger swept up his bow and fired at the terrible beast, his arrows striking solidly into the dragon's crimson hide. Meanwhile, the thief drew back into the shadows, waiting for the proper moment to strike. The mage uttered a few words of power, and an arrow of acid flew across the cave to strike their foe. The dragon, enraged, attacked Sir Michael ferociously. Its fearsome claws and deadly jaws proved to be too much for the valiant paladin, and he fell, sorely wounded, to the ground. The ranger rushed to his friend's assistance, Drawing his longsword and slashing at the dragon. The mage rushed over to bind Sir Michael's wounds, while the thief carefully remained hidden behind the dragon, seeing no need to move in just yet. The dragon swept aside the ranger with one mighty claw, and turned to face the mage, who was busy trying to stop Sir Michael's bleeding. Then, just as the dragon was about to envelop the mage in a burst of flame, the thief leapt into the air and landed on the monster's back, driving his short sword deep into its neck. With the creature slain, our heroes spent a few days resting and recovering from their injuries, and then went about the task of dividing the treasure.

Young Red Dragon vs Noble Warrior  

Thanks to a portable hole that they discovered in the piles of gold, they were able to transport everything back safely. Sir Michael and Lance pooled their money together to pay for the renovating of the Temple of the Holy Defender (reconsecrated to Tyr, of course). Everyone else purchased high quality gear and supplies. Tobias and Sir Michael decided to stay and oversee the Temple's construction, and the mage decided to set up shop as a local herbalist. The rest of the group decided to go looking for some additional employment while they were waiting for their friends. As they journeyed through the now unfamiliar countryside, they came across a dwarven cleric along the road. For the sake of safety, they agreed to travel together, and discovered that he, too, was seeking employment, so that he might not only spread his faith throughout the world, but also acquire enough treasure to build a magnificent temple to his god. The group asked him to join them, since they were lacking both their healer and their magic user. They arrived at the city of Hillsdale late one night, and the next morning they were asked by Lord Boler to locate his brother, Sir William, who had disappeared in the Ironrock mountains two weeks ago. The party immediately set off, but they had only walked a short distance before they were attacked by a pack of hungry firedrakes! The battle was fierce, but the dragon's horde had provided them with several useful magical items, and the equpment they had purchased was the best available. With these key advantages, the 3 adventurers were able to overcome the beasts without too much difficulty. As they marched up the mountain trail, they discovered a cunningly concealed cave, and decided to look inside. They were surprised to find a group of ogres, and were quickly drawn into a fierce battle with them. The battle was close, and the thief was badly wounded, but he was able to slip on his ring of invisibility and vanish from sight. The others rallied and overcame the ogres, although the dwarf accidentally lost hold of his weapon several times. A rather embarassing mistake for a priest who serves a war god. They spent the next few days resting and allowing the priest to heal their wounds, while the thief explored the cave using his ring of invisibility. He discovered a sack full of gold, and a few precious gems, but no more ogres. When he returned, he showed his friends the gold, and reported his findings, keeping the gems hidden in his pouch. He figured that he had earned them, since he was the one exploring the cave. He also had discovered another opening that lead somewhere, but the passage was so long that he decided to come back for them. The group gathered their gear, and went through the cave. The passage was indeed very long. So long, in fact, that it took them all day to reach its end. As they neared the end, they heard a strange chanting coming from up ahead. The thief slipped on his ring of invisibility, and cautiously walked to the cave's opening. There, he saw a clearing, although mountains still boxed it in, and a large stone altar with a young man chained to it. A drow priestess stood over him, chanting and holding a wicked-looking dagger. Below the altar stood four drow fighter-priests, also chanting in their strange language. Suddenly, the priestess stopped and turned her head towards the thief. She lifted her hand and muttered a few words of power, and fairy fire lit up around the their, making his outline clearly visible even in the darkness of the night. The drow monks charged him, as his friend's rushed to his assistance. The fighting was furious, as the thief and the ranger battled the monks, while the priest rushed over to free the struggling man on the altar. With a powerful blow from his axe, the priest cut through the chains, and the man leapt up from the altar.

             The Drow Priestess

Meanwhile, the priestess summoned a powerful bolt of lightning that struck the ground right next to the ranger, blasting him against the cave, and rendering him unconscious. As the priest rushed to help him, one of the monks fired his hand crossbow, and a volley of drugged darts hit the dwarf. He fell almost instantly, leaving only the thief and the young man (who was, in fact, Sir William) to face the remaining 2 monks and the priestess. The thief dispatched the two monks quickly, using his magical shortsword with remarkable skill. As he struck the final blow, however, the priestess called up roots from the earth, which entagled him and held him fast. As he tried to cut himself free, Sir William drew the ranger's longsword from the unconscious man's sheath, and attacked the priestess. She parried, using her dagger skillfully, but he had bought the thief enough time to unlimber his short bow and fire a deadly arrow at the priestess! Exhausted, they stood panting, and immediately began to adminster first aid to their fallen companions. What lies in store for our heroes? Will they be able to make it back safely to Hillsdale, or will Sir Michael and Tobias never see them again? Tune in next time, same Adventure time, same adventure site!



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