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You decide to see what is down the path on your left. The night is cold and you feel the leaves crunching under your feet. The path narrows as you pass the house.

Clouds once again begin to cover the moon. Without the light from the moon, you cannot see anything. You are not sure you want to go any further down this tiny path. You lean against the house and your back finds a metal knob.

Suddenly the area is lit up by a strange, pale light. You see that the knob is attached to a cellar door. You turn the knob and see that the door is unlocked. Then you remember the odd light. You look up and see a most unusual sight.

There is a bright mist-like form floating down the path. It looks like a ghost! You have never seen a ghost before and are not sure what to do.

Should you follow the apparition or check out the cellar?

Follow the ghost.

See what is in the cellar.