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By Rod Banach, Co-Host
BassaPalooza 99
"The invasion of Huntsville!"

Fretless Basses:
Warrior Studio Plus 5-string - MMan neck/Jazz bridge, NTMB electronics
Pedulla Pentabuzz - P/J, NTMB electronics

Warrior - winner: Best detailed body cavity.
        Workmanship best ever seen - DB
        Neck to die for - PG
        Huge output from MMan P/U - DB
        Woody, earthy tone - RB
        One of my two favorite basses - PG
        More forgiving for 'off' intonation - RB, PG, DB
        It's not mine (dang)- PG

Pedulla - winner: Coolest cavity cover.
        Unique tonality - 'sweet' - PG
        _The_ modern electric jazz solo instrument - RB
        Fingerboard like playing a piece of ice - RB
        A good bass to gauge accuracy of intonation - PG
        Diamondkote can be too slick on fingerboard - PG
        It's not mine (dang)- PG
Which fretless to choose:
Warrior - MT, RB
Pedulla - PG, DB, JF

Fretted Basses
Carvin 6-string (modified) - EMG extended range Jazz P/Us and electronics
Alembic Epic 5-string - Soap bars, Alembic electronics (duh)
Smith Chuck Rainey 5-string - Kent Armstrong Soap bars, Smith electronics
Kramer 8-string - original dual humbucker P/Us and electronics
Carvin 6-string (modified)
        Ideal solo instrument - PG
        Effortless to play - PG
        _The_ bass tone for slap - RB
        Most even tonality over whole neck range - PG
        Workmanship comparable to a Pedulla - DB
        String spacing could be too close for some slappers - RB
        Could use more bottom end - PG
        Electronic noise (hiss) at full EQ boost - RB
        It's not mine (dang)- PG
Alembic 5-string - winner:Coolest case award, long distance award
        Great swing/jazz sound - RB
        No matter which P/U combination selected/blended, most
        consistent signature 'sound' - RB
        Manly, well crafted Binford 9000 brass saddle - MT
        Not a good funk/rock bass sound - PG, DB, RB
        Curiously, not a modern sound - DB
Smith CR 5-string - winner:Best non-wood cavity cover
        Best tone for Gospel, R&B - MT, PG, DB, RB, JF
        Best tonality in low to mid range spectrum of all fretted basses
        When tone knobs fully open, no electronic hiss - RB
      Very distinct tone - DB
        A bit neck heavy - DB
        String height set-up not good for top fret access
        (Rod's personal set-up preference) - PG
        Not a good slap tone bass - RB
        It's not mine (dang)- PG