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SATURDAY, cont'd

"Puhhleez Releeeseme, let me goooooo..."
Rod Banach croons in his best Engelbert Humperdink voice......... Folks.. this guy LOVES C&W!!!!!!

hmmmm. the first finger goes here... the ring finger goes... here! "ok, guys, I got it!!!! now- how does the C chord go?"

Hey Rod!
You could get used to playing that Carvin LB76, couldn't you?

This is Thomas... a young player just learning to play bass in  the youth group at Rod Banachs church. A truly NICE kid! Here he is, playing  my Carvin  1979 4 string.

Paige teaching "Modes 101"
OK... I'm done... Borsos... can I play your Carvin again?

Jim Ferguson and Paige Garwood  helping another new bassist (Tanya) learn a new pattern on her Yamaha bass lefty 4 string.

watcha think.... can I get an endorsement contract with Gibson, now? Maybe get on  the cover of GUITAR magazine?