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can't hold no groove, if you ain't got no pocket....

Jim "slappin, poppin, and groovin for Jesus" Ferguson

heyheyHEY!!!!!! Stay OFF that left hand!!!!!
A picture of Rod Banach, playing his Howard Johnson lounge lizard set....
"Star wars... wo wo wo Star Wars..."

Mike Travis..."G****tar Solo!G***tar Solo!!!"
Dan Borsos..."this dang C string ...... "

"Life with a Ken Smith 5 string would not necessarily be a bad thing", Paige is saying to himself..
"How do I break the news to Glenda that I NEED another two or three basses?"

"the guitar is NOT pink... it's coral!" (mike is sooo touchy!)
humph!... Mike Travis and his world famous "pink" guitar.
Folks... this guy makes some great guitars.

YEAH!!!! For five glorious minutes... I was FUNKYYYYY!!!! (see the face? That is the face you wear when you are funky)