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My Grandmother, Leila Mae Bagley was born May 18th, 1893 in Forsyth county,Ga.and died Sep 13, 1948, buried at Cross Plains Baptist Church cemetery, Forsyth county, Ga. She married John Howard Anderson on Nov 25, 1909 in Forsyth county,Ga. John Howard was born Nov 20, 1892 in Forsyth county, Ga.

Leila Mae's parents were father-Jacob Isaac Bagley born Jan 21, 1852 in Forsyth county, Ga.and died Oct 1932 buried in Bagley cemetery, Forsyth county, Ga. Jacob 1st married Laura Maude Adams then married Leila Mae's mother-Julia A. Pettyjohn Cook on Dec 23, 1883 in Forsyth county, Ga. She was born Nov 7th, year unknown in Forsyth county, Ga.

Jacob Isaac's parent's were Harmon Bagley born May 12, 1815 in Franklin county, Ga. and died on Oct 19th, 1900, buried in Bagley cemetery, Forsyth county, Ga. Harmon married Jacob's mother-Anna Strickland on Nov 22th, 1837 in Forsyth county, Ga. Anna Strickland was born on May 31,1817 in Madison county, Ga. Harmon married 2nd Nancy Chatham on Nov 5th, 1874.

Harmon Bagley's parents were James Bagley born ca 1791 in Hillsborough, Wake county, N.C. and died ca 1825 probably Franklin county, Ga. James married Elizabeth Allen on Mar 4th 1813 in Franklin county, Ga. Elizabeth born ca 1795? in N.C.

James' parent's were Harmon Bagley born ca 1758 in Northampton county, N.C. and died on ca 1850 in Forsyth county, Ga. Harmon married Mary Brogdon on Mar 5, 1781 in Raleigh, Wake County, N.C. Mary born ca 1761 in N.C.

Harmon's parents were William Bagley born ca 1728 in probably Albemarle, Sussex county,Va. and died on Feb 1807 in Warren county, N.C. William married Dianna ?

William's father was Peter Bagley born ca 1708 in Southwark, Surry county, Va. and died Oct 1758 in Albemarle, Sussex county, Va. Peter's wife is unknown.

Peter's parent's were John Bagley born ca 1683 in Surry county or Isle of Wight county, Va. and died Feb 1736/7 Southmark, Surry county, Va. John married Elizabeth ?

John's father was Peter Bagley born ca 1658 in Isle of Wight county, Va. and died Dec 1735 in Southwark, Surry county,Va. Peter married unknown.

Peter's parent's were Peter Bagley born ca 1608 in England(probably Siddington) and died June 1665 in Isle of Wight county,Va. Peter married Wilkin ?

Peter's parent's were Hugh BAGULEY born ca 1580 in Martin, England and died in Dec 1629 in Siddington, England. Hugh married Anne Chauntrell Feb 2, 1601 in Macclesfield, England.Anne died on 1629 and is buried at Martin Chapell in Siddington, England. Hugh and Anne had children-Edward born Oct 1605 in Martin, Eng.-died Dec 1605 in Martin, Eng.,Catherine born ?,died Feb 17, 1606/7 in Martin, Eng.,Peter (our ancestor),Anne born Oct 1609, Robert born Oct 1613 in Siddington, Eng.,and William born Sep 13, 1619.

Hugh's parent's were Robert Baguley born ca 1550-died Aug 28, 1590 in Norbury and buried at Stockport, Eng. Robert married Margaret ?. Margaret born ?-died Jan 1, 1597/8 in Siddington, England.

Robert has a brother George who married Jane Aston and three sister's Elizabeth, Katherine and Elin.

Robert Baguley's father was Nicholas Baguley born ?-died 1558.

Nicholas Baguley's father was Ralph Baguley born 1500-died 1540 and his wife Ciceley Massey(Ciceley's father was Hamon Massey).

Ralph Baguley's parents were Richard Baguley and his wife, Alice Vernon(She got Oilerton Hall through marriage)(her father was Ralph De Vernon).

Richard Baguley parents were Sir John Baguley and his wife Ellen.

Sir John Baguley's parents were Sir William Baguley and his wife Clementia Cheadle(her father was Rodger Cheadle).

Sir William Baguley's parents were (first) Sir William Baguley and Lucy Corona (Lucy was daughter of King Edward I Plantagenet, She was born out of wedlock).

(first) Sir William Baguley's parents were Ralph De Baguley and Joesia Massey(her father was Hamon Massey, Baron of Dunham Massey).

Ralph Baguley's father was Richard Baguley, Lord of Baguley born 1243.

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