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October 2, 1999

November 13,1999

Fall Rally Hunt - Marion, AL

The annual Fall Rally hunt was another outstanding success. This year's hunt was hosted by the Randy Davidson's at thier farm outside Marion. The weather on Friday couldn't have been more perfect for this annual ATFA event Many folks arrived early to register dogs and catch up with friends. A Squirrel Champions' Hunt was held Friday afternoon, with a record 7 dogs entered in three cast. A number of spectators joined the hunters and dogs to see these champions work. The results were as follows.


Cast #1---1st Place Squirrel Champion- R&G Frank Lawrenceville, GA. Owner-R.G. Baker

2nd place Squirrel Champion Hill's Cricket
Killen,AL. Owner-Gary Hill

Cast #2 1st Place Squirrel Champion Coxwell' Clyde
Martinez, GA. Owner-Herschel Coxwell

2nd place Squirrel Champion Poncho Nichols
Gordon, GA. Owner- Ellis Nichols

Cast # 3 1st place Squirrel Champion Cosby's Horse Creek Monkey
Ramer,AL Owner-Tim Cosby

2nd Place Squirrel Dog Champion Bluff View Pepper
S. Pittsburg TN.-Owner-Mike Durham

3rd Place Squirrel Champion Price's Bullet
Arley, AL. Owner-Don Price

A barbecue supper was served to the hunters and guides, with a variety of delicious desserts provided by ATFA members. After dinner the Squirrel Dog Champion plaques were presented to the dogs who have earned the designation during the past year. The Claude Shumate III Memorial Sportsmanship Award was presented at this time to Ann Smith of Eufaula,AL.

Saterday morning found the hunters up early driving through thick fog to get to hunt headquarters. The 6:00 am draw-out saw 70 Feist entered in the hunt. This is believed to be the largest single breed squirrel hunt ever held. Returning scores showed that cast were able to find some squirrels. The scores were as follows.


1st place----- Cauley's Susie ----- 1825 pts
Baton Rouge, LA. Owner-Tim Willis

2nd place-----Cry Baby-----1525 pts.
Eufaula,AL-Owner-Buddy Smith

3rd place-----Jay Bird-----1325 pts.
Dublin,GA.-Owner-Billy Laster

4th place-----Williams' Misty-----1275 pts.
Clinton, LA-Owner-Danny Williams

5th place-----Sissy Bu Bu-----1225 pts.
Lowndesboro,AL.-Owner-Ray Mitchell Handler-Joe Ward

6th place-----Coxwell's Frankie-----1175 pts.
Martinez,GA-Owner-Herschel Coxwell

7th place-----Barnes'Cricket-----1150 pts
Selma,AL.-Owner-Eugene Barnes

8th place-----Bozo Nichols-----1100 pts.
Gordon,GA-Owner Ellis Nichols

9th place-----Blue Water Rusty-----1100
Dublin,GA-Owner-Porter Wood Handlier-Donnie Alligood

10th place-----Buddies' Rockie-----1075 pts.
Sprott,AL-Owner Hughey'Kennel Handlier-Randy Hughey

21 MARCH 2000


L.B.L. KY.

squirrel champions' hunt

Cast # 1

1st place: SQ.CH. Horse Creek Monkey
Ramer, AL. Owner-Tim Cosby

2nd place: SQ.CH. Hill's Cricket.
Killen, AL. Owner-Gary Hill
Chricket is now a Grand Squirrel Champion.

Cast # 2

1st place: SQ.CH. Coxwell's Clyde.
Nartinez, GA. Owner-Herschel & Barbara Coxwell
Clyde is now a Grand Squirrel Champion.

2nd place: SQ.CH. Bluffview Pepper.
S. Pittsburg, TN. Owner-Mike Durham

3rd place: SQ.CH. R and G Frank
Lawrenceville. GA. Owner- R.G. Backer


1st---Williams' Misty
Clinton, LA. Owner- Danny Williams

2nd---Johnson's Penny
Berryville, AR. Owner-Gerald Johnson

3rd---Hickroy Cround's Tall Timber Ted
Ramer, AL. Owner-Tim Cosby

4th---Warren's Jerry J.H.
Castleberry,AL. Owner-James and Betty Warren

5th---Cry Baby
Owner- Buddy Smith

6th--Bozo Nichols
Owner-Ellis Nichols

7th---Cochran's Buck
Owner-Van Cochran

8th---Moon's Abraham
Owner-Carlton Moon

9th--- Ranger
-Gary Hill

Grad Johnson

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