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Pokemon Trivia

This page contains Pokemon trivia from all aspects of the Pokemon universe. They are arranged into difficultly catagories. There will be a Hall of Pokemon Masters that will show the top 5 people a month and their scores. Scoring will be as follows: 25 points for each correct answer to an Easy question, 50 for a medium, 150 for a expert. Also, you can earn Bonus Points. 3 Bonus Points make 200 points to you. Any leftover Bonus Points are worth 50 each. A Bonus Point is awarded when you also tell me something not very well known about the subject of one of the questions. Put that fact with the question. I will review it, and if that fact was good enough, I will inform you that you have gotten a Bonus Point along with your scores. I will keep track of your score. To play this trivia, you must e-mail your answer of every question below to me by clicking on the mailbox.

Please try every question! I will not count your e-mail if you do not try all of the questions!
Thank you. You will get a badge depending on how well you did.

Easy Questions

Medium Questions

Expert Questions