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Pokemon News

10-4-99 First started working on my page today. Fossil will be in stores next week! I wonder if they will have holos and non-holos like Jungle? Pokemon Yellow is also hitting stores soon, and you can get it in a bundle with a cute little yellow Game Boy Color that is a special edition Pokemon game boy, complete with Pikachu and Poke Ball power light and everything! I should have some awesome decks up by the end of this week. I'm also working on getting some pics. I'm doing the best I can to get this up and running, so stick around! 10-21-99 It's been awhile since I last posted something. Fossil is out in 1st ed. and regular! Pokemon Yellow is also out! I added a codes page today and thanks to my pal Zach, I'm also getting some new pics! Yay! I hope to have my Haymaker up on Sunday. I still have a lot to do so keep stickin' around! 11-10-99 The Pokemon movie is out! We have scans of the 4 promo cards right here! E-mail me if you can't read them because they aren't too clear. 12-something-99 Close to Christmas. We now have a release date for American Team Rocket: March 2000! Yeah! Also, it's confirmed that Nintendo will be coming out with Pokemon Cards for GBC, probally in April 2000. 1-1-2000 Happy New Year, everybody! Hope you had a great time! 1-19-2000 It's offical, the Jungle Set is out of print!I suspect that the Basic Set will have to go out of print too, in preparation for Base Set 2. Base Set 2 is a new set, not in Japan, that combines the Basic and Jungle sets. It drops a few cards from each set, including the Eevee Brothers and the 2 worst trainers in the Basic Set. It's marked for release at the end of January. Ooh, goody!