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Welocome to the site everyone's been talking about. Ok...not EVERYONE! OK! No one! No one has been talking about it. There, I said it! You happy? You can stop throwing things! Anyway! What we do is make movies. Spoofs to be exact. Very funny spoofs to be painfully exact. Here is where we will be posting our latest (and only) movies. Also, check out little peices of our book, Chicken Droppings For The Brainless Soul. Well, have fun, and contact us for your input. Oh, yeah! We don't have an e-mail adress right now, cause we're afraid of you! You FREAKS!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Oh yeah, in case you haven't noticed, this site is under a lot of keep your glib marks to yourself!


Anything For A Laugh Productions is our name and you cant use it so.....HA!
I can see you!

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