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Request an Angel

If you know of someone in need of help for whatever reason, please let us know and we will go right to work for you. Angels have been mailed for many, many reasons. Cancer, heart disease, Leukemia, severe burns, depression, family needs....the list goes on and on.

When a person is hurting, for whatever the reason, that hurt is very real and while some of the world may not view it as a life or death situation, the person suffering the hurting may very will view it as exactly that. Can one tiny little angel from a stranger save that life? NO....but when delivered by the hand of God at just the right moment, it very well could.


The Guardian Angel Artists are very careful with the names and mailing addresses that we are given for this program. You might say that we guard them with our lives. Many people, especially the elderly, are very uncomfortable with their personal information being given out over the Internet. That is why very special care is taken with each request we receive.
We like to put “Angel requested by:________________” somewhere on the card.


To submit a request for angels to be sent please send the name or names of the people in need. Their regular mailing address and any notes or information that you may wish to share about the needs that might help guide our angels as to what type of angel is needed.

Please email all request to:

Connie Bartch - Request coordinator

or to:

Joy - Back-up Request Coordinator

In the subject line please enter:
Angel Request

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