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Information on the Guardian Angel Artists Program

All Guardian Angel Artists are responsible for
making and mailing their angels at their own expense.

Requests are sent out on a weekly basis (or at least I
try to get them out each Sunday). All artists receive a
master list with all the requests and details for the week.

Then each group receives the address for which they
are responsible for mailing. Many of our angels have
the ability to send to all requests, however you are
only required to send to your group's request each week.

Angels may be made in any way you choose. We have many
different types and styles of angels that are being mailed.

At any time you find yourself overwhelmed with the family,
job, school, and life in general.....that is the time to get
the rubber stamp our and print out a nice card on your
computer and pop it in the mail. It is never the angel
that is received that makes the is the thought of
the very fact that YES......someone out there does care if you
have a need.

God Never told us it would be easy, however he has shown us
many times over that it is worth doing.

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