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"If I told you the story of my life..."
-Stormy, Holly McNarland

I decided to create a section on the site so I could write a bit about myself. So if you're really that bored, go ahead and learn more about the life of another Xenite...

My name is Marie-France, I'm 19 and living in Québec, Canada. Right now I'm back at school into secretarial studies until February 2000. After that I'd possibly like to study in multimedia, if money allows it of course. Now as everybody's guessed (and that I'm sure of it...!) my favorite TV show is Xena: Warrior Princess.

I first became a fan of the show as soon as I started watching it in the french dubbed version which aired here on September 1998. Somewhat shameful to say as I wish it would've been a whole lot sooner than that. Well, I certainly could've watched it in english before, but for whatever reason I never felt compelled to it plus it aired on at the worst possible hours. End result is I never really tried to watch it... Sad! But once they stopped airing it in french, I got all mad and thought; "How could they do that to us?!". And so that's when I started watching in the original english version. In no time I became fully hooked and that's all that matters.

I am now trying to collect everything related to the show as well, which is quite difficult here since we're barely getting any marchandise available. Lack of money doesn't help either! far I found posters, magazines, tapes from the trilogy, and books. Annnnnd. Someone damn nice (hi Paul!) made me copies of older episodes. Yet despite all of this it's still not enough. I need more more more. Hence why I'm running this website, I think. It's my own little tribute to this amazing show.

To me Xena: Warrior Princess is much more than just a show, it's part of a way of living. After a while these characters become family, and you can't help but feel inspired by those qualities of strength, courage, and standing for what you believe in.

And well that's about it.
Here's to hoping you enjoy my website, and BATTLE ON!