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  1. Wallpaper Millennium
    wallpapers: Xena, Gabrielle, Xena & Gabrielle, actors and others

  2. War Cry
    links; pictures; sounds; banners; character info

  3. Warrior Chick's
    award; chackram; pics; God's in the sky (the stars have planets); Joxer the Mighty; meet the cast; saying of the week; trading Post; links

  4. Warrior Whacko
    links; comments about X:WP; Callisto

  5. Warrior's Bard
    amazon poll; Xenites journal; alternative fan fiction; alternative Xenites discussion board; mind games; scrolls chat; character subtext connection; sapphic insights; romance; alternative poetry and art,; galleries; Xena interactive; miscellaneous

  6. WarriorHaze
    soundclip archive; mp3 sounds; fanfiction and fandom links

  7. WarriorHeart's Xena page
    icons; spoilers; animated gifs; image gallery; sound archive; fan art; links

  8. Welcome To Kindred's Alien Lair
    Xena and Gabrielle scans; general images; video captures

  9. WGN-Xena
    programming schedules

  10. Whoosh!
    journal of the international association of Xena studies: episode guide; air dates; the palace; FAQ; news; gossip and rumors; on the road; multimedia archive; back issues; banner; awards

  11. Wizards of the Coast
    Xena: Warrior Princess trading card game

  12. Womyn Rules!!
    Lucy Lawless (biography, Xena links, Xena air dates, alt and fan fiction)

  13. Worlds of Another Universe
    Hercules and Xena this week; Xena's director, Michael Levine; Xena card game; Xena in Academe; The Way; Between the Lines; Devi; Xena season ender: Sacrifice II; Adventures in the Sin Trade II; products (apparel, books, comics, games, gifts, graphic novels, magazines, statues and toys); articles (character bios, episodes, features and interviews)

  14. Wulfie's Den