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  1. J9's Infinitely Diverse Xena Page
    desktop page (wallpapers, themes and screensavers); links; printable episode guide; Xena and Gabrielle's down-under and exotic asian adventures; collectibles; screen captures; articles; awards

  2. Jackal's Picture Page
    Lucy gallery (Grease); pictures, Xena and Callisto links; awards

  3. Janet B's Xena Site
    graphics (images, vidcaps, montages, AVI's and MPG's); links; season 4 episode airdates

  4. Jen's Crazy Xena Page
    fan fiction; poems; links

  5. Jen's Joxer Obsession
    lyrics challenge; fan fiction; photo gallery; episode guide; links; Joxer and Xena song books; Gabrielle and Joxer romance society; fan fiction

  6. Jennifer's Homepage
    image archive; WAV files; movies; lyrics and poems; MIDI's and AU files; the story of Xena: Warrior Princess; information on Lucy Lawless; weekly poll; links

  7. Jennifer's Xena Page
    links; fan fic; Ephiny; Xena: warrior palace; guide to making palace avatars; logs from palace events; awards; chat room; USA channel's Xena airing schedule; quotes; survey; picture collages; episode reviews; pics from a palace wedding; adopt-a-Gab!; message board; the Xena: warrior palace Amazon tribe; xenaverse banner exchange; the world of brain farts post office

  8. Jessica's Ultimate Xena and Xena Character Page
    Xena; Gabrielle; Callisto; Joxer; links; pictures

  9. Jessica's Xena Page
    postcards; chat room; links; episode lists; image gallery; conventions; role-playing guild; awards; fan fiction- (death of a hidden love, questions and answers and here today... where tomorrow?); icons; cursors; wavs; movies; mailing lists; message boards; montages; polls; banner exchange;

  10. Jezmond's Portal to Xena Video Odyssey -- Remixed Xena
    Xena rave; rebel girl; legends; Xena bunch; Gab in Jeopardy; Xena's world falls; Robert's angels; Xena's wide world of sports; new xenaland park; miss world

  11. Jill's Xena Links Page
    Xena, Gabrielle and Callisto links; Xena tarot deck; myth; history and feminism links; brave women and TV Women who have gone before;

  12. Joanne's Xena Page!!
    lyrics to The Bitter Suite and the animated movie; episode guide; links; games; xenanald - hungry anyone?; download Xena goodies; awards

  13. Jodi's "Xena: Warrior Princess" Page
    episode guide; postcards; special thanks to Hercules and Iolaus; what happened on the season finale?; poll; pictures; Xena and Gabrielle's stories; awards

  14. Joxer the Mighty, Master of Geography
    Joxer gallery; links

  15. Joxer's Haven
    sounds; stories; pictures; episode guide; Seattle convention (October 11, 1998) with pictures; links; scanned and miscellaneous images; Ted Raimi

  16. Joxergab's Renee O'Connor/Gabrielle & Xena:WP Fansite
    about Renee and Gabrielle; bitter Gabby; images; quicktime video clips; links; episode/disclaimer lists; Topps official magazine; collectables; Aphrodite's shrine; downloads; sound files; awards; ICQ lists; tradeable card games; polls