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  1. FanBoy and FanGirl's Xena: Warrior Princess
    favorite three episodes; who is the father? (list of candidates); encounter with Xena celeb; fiction;

  2. Fanatics N' Enthusiasts of the Amazons
    church of Cormack; sexy female celebrities poll; article; interview with Danielle; filmography; message board; chat; DCdroolers' mailing lists; postcards; Ephiny picture gallery; Ephiny sounds and movies; Ephiny and related links; Ephiny artwork and writings; merchandise; polls; Ephiny subtext

  3. Ferdi's Xena Page
    news; cast; pictures; download; poll; role playing game; 21 things; links; tales; chat

  4. Finding Your Friends in Athens
    list of ICQ, IM and e-mail addresses of Hercules and Xena players

  5. Fireheart's Den (ARES)
    Ares x-change; greetings from Ares; scrolls; Ares links; gallery; Ares' chat; temple info; warrior con stuff; young Ares?; awards

  6. FLawless Space
    dedicated to all things Lucy F. Lawless: sounds; pictures; Lucy links; cool stuff

  7. Forbiden Fire- Warrior's Paradise
    sounds; Xena add-ons; images; forum; wallpapers; forum results; art

  8. Fork's Xena Page
    awards; captions; contacts; midi; mythology; pics; quizzes; subtext; sounds