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Battle On! : An Unauthorized, Irreverent
Look at Xena : Warrior Princess

by Greg Cox

November 1998
256 pages
Hercules & Xena : The Unofficial Companion
by James Van Hise

January 1998
272 pages

Life Lessons from Xena, Warrior Princess : A Guide to Happiness, Success, and Body Armor by Chris Kreski

October 1998
112 pages
Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor:
Warrior Stars Of Xena

by Nikki Stafford

350 pages

Prophecy of Darkness : A Novel
(Xena - Warrior Princess , No 4)

by Stella Howard, S. D. Perry

May 1997
224 pages
Sheroes : Bold, Brash, and Absolutely Unabashed Superwomen from
Susan B. Anthony to Xena

by Varla Ventura, Vicki Leon

July 1998
304 pages

Xena - Warrior Princess :
The Official Guide to the Xenaverse

by Robert Weisbrot

February 1998
208 pages
Xena : All I Need to Know I Learned
from the Warrior Princess

by Josepha Sherman

September 1998
160 pages

Xena : Warrior Princess (Xena)
by John Whitman, Work in Progress Studios (Illustrator)

October 1998
320 pages
Xena and the Magic Arrow of Myx
(Xena Warrior Princess)

by Hunter Kennedy

March 1999
112 pages

Xena X-Posed : The Unauthorized Biography of Lucy Lawless and Her On-Screen Character by Nadine Crenshaw

March 1999
112 pages
The Huntress and the Sphinx
(Xena - Warrior Princess)

by Ru Emerson

January 1997
240 pages