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Thank you to Andrew at Andrew's Xenaverse for giving me my first Xena award! :) I won it in July 1999. By the way, Andrew, you have an awesome site!

Thanks to Suzanne at Suzanne's Xena Page for this beautiful award! I'm very proud of it :-)

A HUGE thank you to Lee Lightning from the Pacific Northwest Online Xena Fanclub for being so nice and offering me this amazing award!!! Lee chose my website as "award site" for an issue of their site newsletter. :)

Another award!!! This one is from Lyndsay at Lyndsay's Xena: Warrior Princess Tribute.
I received it for the month of July 1999.

Received on November 1999 by Fork's Xena Page. Thanks for the award and the nice comments on my website. It's always very appreciated!

I was given this great award from Lelia at Lelia's Little Hole in the Universe on December 22nd, 1999. Thanks a lot girl, you're the best!! :)