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Welcome to WwF-X homepage. Please visit us on Dalnet at Server: irc.dal.net Channel: #WwF-X . If you have any questions E-MAIL me and I'll respond as quick as possible. Thanks for helping out by coming here. And if there is anything I can help you with let me know! thanks alot. -XenogearZ

Update @ [December 27, 1999: 8:03 a.m.]
I have added links to the aops, sops, and founder page, You can get your free WwFX e-mail by clicking HERE and I will be adding rules and much more stuff soon! Play by Play Sunday, if you don't have IRC and stumbled upon this page, you may go into my chat room because it will connect you straight to my mIRC chat without have mIRC. Thanks and enjoy your stay! -XenogearZ