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These Are the Biatches on my Akick List

1.)The_R[]CK (aziz143@as7-58.qualitynet.net) heh, thought he was slick trying and begging for ops, he says he's Big_Se}{y and he tries to nuke people. He'll always be #1 on my list!

2.)DarthMaulDarthVader (Tor2000se2@ Came in there advertising some little piece of shit room, he's The_R[]ck's friend, that makes him a permanent cunt on my akick list also

3.)Lennox__Lewis (Guest00187@DTG-dialup-114.dtgnet.com) Not much too say about this guy, he's lame and he thinks he owns the world, well This guy has a chance to get off my akick list if he just learns to know his role, and keep his damn mouth shut!