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To Honor These Men

"To Honor These Men is a thoroughly researched, comprehensive book that details the organization of a Civil War Legion and its combat odyssey. This volume focuses on the story of the Legion's infantry battalion (a planned, future volume will cover the cavalry battalion). This highly readable work carries the reader through most of the major battles of the eastern theater of the war. The words of soldiers express the sights and sounds of the battlefield along with the continuous trauma of disease, exhaustion, hunger and longing for home.
The authors track the Legion infantrymen from the wild mountains of western Virginia to the tears of Appomattox, pausing only for the savage interludes of ten major battles and countless skirmishes. The stench of black powder, roar of cannon and musketry stir the senses and keep the pages turning. Bravery, cowardice, fatigue, and boredom are documented throughout the text in this first-ever history of the Phillips Legion infantry.
Detailed appendices include a capsule history of the Macon Light Artillery, the 3rd Georgia Sharpshooter Battalion and the Legion band as well as highly detailed rosters for each infantry company."

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