Goat & Bubblun's NES Wonderpage

This is our NES site. Anyway if your at our site you know why we'd make an NES page(and if you don't too bad).
8/05/2000: Holy crap! I uncovered another lost prankmail... and Bubblun's working on a NEW prankmail... and it's a doozy... that's right an F'n doozy...
8/05/00: Perhaps I'm lazy... no wait... no I'm not... that would discredit my complete obsession with working out.. perhaps I don't like NES anymore... HAHA fat chance..Perhaps I haven't had the time.. YES!! That's the one... I never had time during the school year to update this site and now well... after 1 month of going to wrestling camps I'll finally have time... don't expect anything great as of yet but soon... right now I added some links and updated my games beaten list...

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