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Hey U gUYZ~ Geeze it's been a while! A LONG WHILE!!! hope all of ya'll have been doin good. I wish I could say the same and all...but i tore all the legiments in my knee doing the funky chicken and haven't been able to walk in two months! i just go toff my crutches today, but i still have a limp. I went back to camp this summer... had some great times ( i miss everyone! ) This school year has been pretty rough so far. but i'll make it through. I went out to arkansas for thanksgiving. had some great times! got to drive 90mph on the interstate, so my life is now complete! It's so har to believe that christmas is on it's way so soon. It willn't be long 'til Jenn and I are cruisin' into 2001 on the Nowegian Majesty!! i'm gettin a web cam for i'll put a bunch of new pics up. i also put some pics up from this summer of like camp and jenn's house. GO CHECK THEM OUT! Well--- I think i'll wrap it up. check out everything! it's all been updated!

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days 'til 2001! days 'til 2001! days 'til my sweet 16!. days until PROM in manila)!.
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