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Something to make you think....

Hey. It's me again, but this time i have something very serious to tell you guys.

Tonight i went to church as usual, except something new occured to me. I lgained a new view of life. WE had a guest speaker. I don't even remember his name, but i'll never forget the lesson he taught me and 200 other teens tonight. He came into to talk to us about life. He spoke of suicide, muder, you know the usual, but he told us this. he said " All life is given by God" and that night during the Homily our beloved Father Joseph told us " God loves us for we we are, not because he loves everybody". That really meant a lot to me. For many reasons. Later on in the presentation, the speaker showed us a video about abortion. It was named " the silent scream "

Abortion. We hear the word spoken many times in our daily live, but how many of you really take time to think about it's true meaning. the dictionary defines abortion as " tending to cut short; to terminate the pregnancy before labor." 4,000 abortionsoccur each day. that's one abortion every 20 seconds. In ten hours, the population of my school, 3000, would be aborted. I believe abortion to be the cruelist thing any humman could ever do to any soul.

I had never really thought about abortion until i watched the movie. The film showed an abortion taking place to a live fetis, but i like to refer to it as a life. First the abortionist rips the life apart, and as he does so you can see the mouth of the baby open, as if letting out a silent scream for mercy. Mercy in which he is not given. After the life's disembled parts are sucked out of the mother, all that remains is the head, which is then crushed and removed. The abortionist doesn't even have the heart to call it a head, it is referred to as #1. I can not imagine how anyone could live knowing the distroyed thin innocent life of a human. A human unable of defending himself against the evil which is fighting against him. Even as i try to describe what i saw, it is not where as moving as the real video.

Although I am only 14, i can not see how one could choose this both emotional and physically painful decession. Abortion is murder, and murder is the worse sin. I hope that by visiting this page you are inspired to choose Prolife. I hope you are never faced with the choice of life or death. Just would you feel being killed then having your body being sucked threw a tube and being thrown in the trash well that's what occurs.

Abortion is wrong. It is immoral and unjust. Please...if you or somebody you know is suffereing from a crisis which envolves the life of an unborn child..please get help.....but don't choose abortion. abortion=murder If you know of anyway of which I could help inspire more people about prolife please email me.

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