Son Gohan

Gohan is the first son of Goku and Chi-Chi. He is a very strong boy. He was able to go SSJ at an astonishingly young age. He was saught after by Radditz and help defeat him. Gohan executed a move that cracked the Saiyan armor of Radditz. It suprised Raddtiz that a boy this young of age could have this much power. As much as him even. Well, as he grows, he becomes the Great Saiyan Man while he is in high school. He meets a young girl that is the daughter of Mr. Satan, by the name of Videl(V-I-D-E-L, rearrange the letters to spell none other than.....D-E-V-I-L). He teachs her how to fly and fight, but she cannot manipulate beams of light like Gohan can. They soon marry and have a daughter by the name of Pan. Pan plays a important role in the series DBZ/GT.