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They left out poor Justin
They left out poor Justin
Chris choking joey
Justin showing off his stuff
Chris Intro
Jc Intro
Joey Intro
Justin Intro
Lance Intro
Chris dancing funny
Chris talking about his career
Lance drying his hair
Chris and Lance being real silly
Joey tellin Justin to say something
Lance and Justin can't remember each other!!
they boys walking up stairs saying and singing stuff
Chris and Joey saying "Take 5" in funny voices
Chris talking about the Charity BBall game
Jc talkin about the Charity bball game
Lance talking about the charity bball game
Lance talking again about the charity bball game!!
The boys at Planet Hollywood
The boys at Planet Hollywood
A clip of U Drive me crazy video!!
A clip from God Must Have spent!!
A clip from Merry Christmas Happy Holidays!!
A clip from together again !!
Tearin up my heart!
I want you back
Clip from Here we go
Recording Of here we go
The guys singing the lion sleeps tonight
wal-mart appearences-part 1
wal-mart appearences-part 2
wal-mart appearences-part 3
wal-mart appearences-part 4
wal-mart appearences-part 5
wal-mart appearences-part 6
wal-mart appearences-part 7
wal-mart appearences-part 8
wal-mart appearences-part 9
wal-mart appearences-part 10
wal-mart appearences-part 11
wal-mart appearences-part 12
macy's in new york-part 1
macy's in new york- part 2
macy's in new york- part 3
macy's in new york- part 4
macy's in new york- part 5
macy's in new york- part 6
Miss Teen USA-part 1
Miss Teen USA-part 2
Miss Teen USA-part 3
Miss Teen USA-part 4
Miss Teen USA-part 5
Miss Teen USA-part 6
Miss Teen USA-part 7
Virgin autograph signing-part 1
Virgin autograph signing-part 2
Virgin autograph signing-part 3
Virgin autograph signing-part 4
Virgin autograph signing-part 5
Virgin autograph signing-part 6
Virgin autograph signing-part 7