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This review sent in by ?????

I went the july 8th show a few days ago and I was in 3rd row to the left... jordan knight opened up and he was asking where everyone was from... and he was like if youre from philly scream, then everyone screamed then it got quiet, then he was like if youre from camden scream and they screamed and it got quiet.. and when it was quiet i was like "ATLANTIC CITY!!!" really really REALLY loud and jordan was like "what!?" and he looked over.. it was awesome.. towards the end of the show when they were doing sailing i ran up to the front row right in the middle of the stage and got sooo many up-close pix!.. and i stood up on my chair and i was like way up high and as justin was walking by i was like pointing to myself and mouthing the words "I loveeeeee you!" and he smiled and winked at me! it was the BEST! i was sooo ready to cry!! and remember when joey was coming back down from the ropes after sailing and getting ready to say goodnight.. well he flew right over me and if i could jump a foot higher off of that chair i could have grabbed his hand.. i took pictures of him flying right over me..and ones of lance and jc and justin 3 feet away from me... i have soo many great pics... oh yeah and aftetr the show a group of fans were standing outside of the gates wating for n syncs bus.. well when it came out everyone waved and everything and after it turned the corner it got stuck in traffic because me and my two friends went all the way down to the corner it turned at and started walking down that street like 6 blocks to get to a phone booth and their tour bus was moving along in traffic right next to us and we were waving and blowing kisses and they were waving back and everything like that and they were definatley waving back at us because there were no other people, and i mean absolultley no other people on the sidewalk but us.. (we're the only crazy chicks who will walk 6 blocks alone on the streets of camden) but i had such a good time and getting that close to n sync was like a miracle, and them waving at us!! ahhh! the show was (excuse my french) but it was F***ing INCREDIBLE.. i loved it when they did the eighties "celebrate good times, c'mon!" ..and i also LOVED the beginning when they did all of the computer animated profiles where they mapped out their heads and everything...i will never ever ever ever forget it as long as i live