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The Lost One

By Katie

He opened his eyes and felt content. The days meditation was complete. Yet today was different, today was the mark. The large man stood from his meditation in the center of the grand room. The room was dark; he liked the darkness. He would not trade it for anything. Well, except maybe for... No, he could not let his mind wander to that now. It would cloud his judgement. It would try to make him back down from his task. But he would not bend to it. He knew that this was something that he must do. Perhaps after his mind could rest, finally rest. He strode out of the room that had become sacred to him, despite what had happened here. It served as a reminder to him. It always helped to remember. Even if he could never possibly forget what had happened.
He walked down the long corridor when an alien being cautious walked up to him, and bowed. His glittery eyes looked at him with asenesce trace of fear, although they were attempting to remain calm. “We are ready to depart,” the still voice informed him. “The coordinates are set. We await your orders.”
“Very well,” The man said looking down at the alien. “I will be there shortly. We will depart as soon as I board.” The alien bowed respectively , turned, and left.
An amused smile appeared on his face. “I look forward to seeing you again, my friend.” He said, though there was no one there to hear him.****
The streets in the capital of Contsun were the busiest they had been since they day that they had arrived Obi-wan realized happily. It meant that they’re coming here had been a quick success. Of course it normally always was when Jedi were sent in. Yet it still always amazed the Apprentice how the appearance of two Jedi could turn an event around this quickly.
He and Qui-gon were greeted warmly on their arrival. It had only been a day and a half since then, and things were already mostly back in order. He had seen events like this unfold before in his Jedi training. The chief of the main food plant needed more workers to provide food for the rapidly growing population. Due to that fact, not enough food was being distributed to the Contsunians. The planets treasurer said that there simply wasn’t enough money to hire the people they need and no way to get it. An argument broke out and no one seemed to be hearing anyone else. Yet, with a few words of wisdom from the Jedi master, a compromise was quickly reached and the planet seemed to be back on track.
They were asked to stay a few more days to make sure that everything was correctly followed though. They accepted, and took to the streets to see how the citizens were reacting. Qui-gon was ahead of him, weaving in and out of the crowd of people. Obi-wan was not far behind. All seemed well as far as Obi-wan could tell. However his master was always telling him that things were not always as they seemed and to look deeper, much deeper at times. But everything was peaceful.
Obi-wan had been Qui-gon’s apprentice for years now. He was sixteen, and would be seventeen in a few months. They had been on several diplomatic missions that were supposed to be “routine”, however turning out to be not so routine after all. But, Obi-wan thought with a smile as they passed a dark alley, this mission was quite possibly the most peaceful, and quite certainly the most routine one that he had ever been on.
With that last thought Obi-wan let out a quick gasp of surprise. Hands seemed to grab him hard by his shoulders and pull him off his feet, yet there was on one there. He fell hard to the ground on his back. Despite the pain he immediately began to rise to his feet, but once again the mental hands picked him up and threw him against a nearby wall in back of the alley. For a brief second he wondered what could be behind all this, but the thought was quickly banished when pain was sent tingling up his spine. Then he felt something dark around him. It hit him like hot knives on his skin. He reached out for the Force, but whatever this was, it was stronger than him, far stronger. It entered his mind, and melted the mental shield he had quickly put up to protect himself. Then, there was only darkness...***
Qui-gon was pleased with what had unfolded here on Contsun. All had gone well, as he new it would. Small disputes like this were never much of a problem. The people just needed an outside source to hear both sides and point them in the right direction. Yes, all had gone well. So why was there a sense of dread lingering in his mind?
He looked behind him. His Padawan was having a little more trouble than he moving past the waterfall of people, but still managed to keep up at a close distance. Qui-gon smiled. The boy was probably the best thing that had happened to him in a very long time. He couldn’t imagine ever losing him. Qui-gon stopped his thought and frowned. Now why would he think of something like that so suddenly? He pondered at his. He had no reason to, Obi-wan was not going anywhere. It was that feeling of dread. Was it because it was nearing the time, he thought. It was long behind him, it was out of his control and it would not bother him any more.
He reached out with the Force to calm himself. Then something happened. A dark ripple in the Force passed by him suddenly. He heard Obi-wan gasp and turned quickly to see the boy being lifted off his feet and thrown into the near by alley.
“Obi-wan!” Qui-gon shouted. He turned and quickly tried to reach his Apprentice. His attempt was in vain though. Contsun was one of the most populated planets in the Galaxy, and the river of people blocked his path. By the time he shoved his way to the spot where the boy had fallen, he was too late. Obi-wan was gone. He reached out with the Force to touch the mind of his Padawan, but what came back to him in return made him stagger back. A wave of darkness washed over him, but this darkness was familiar. He didn’t think he would ever feel it again. At times he hoped he wouldn’t. Yet here it was. He was here and he had taken his Apprentice.
Qui-gon closed his eyes, trying to clear his thoughts. He should have been more prepared for this, but he never thought he would come after him. He thought there was still some good left in him. But now it was worse. Because instead of coming after him, he had taken Obi-wan. He supposed that is what he would have done, but Qui-gon never believed it possible. But now it was true, and he would have to face him all over again. He opened his eyes which were now distant, looking back toward the past... “Jaron.” He said the name softly, his voice filled with pain and regret.
Part Two
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