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Shimi's Revenge Part I

by Julie Joe

Her heart is pumping so hard that it's about to burst out of her chest. But she doesn't stop. She doesn't let the pain get to her and continues on. She has been running for a while now, the darkness blocking her view of what is in front of her. She uses her instincts to guide her through the eerie forrest, trying to outrun an invisible force. She feels a tremor flow up her body, and instinctivly reaches for a silver handle cliped to her belt on her lower back. She takes a step up onto a log and does an amazing flip into the air, igniting the glowing silver blade in mid-air, casting an eerie glow in the fog. As gravity begins to pull her back down, she hears a whooshing noise, and lashes out with percision and skill. She drops to one knee in a defensive position, blade held at the ready, as pieces of a once-whole metal rod clang to the ground in front of a figure standing before her. Sucessfully sliced neatly by her light blade, she disengages her saber and tries to control her breathing.
The figure before her speaks in a deep tone, "If you were a true Jedi Knight, you would not be as tired as you are now..."
She looks up at the dark clad figure and stands, finally getting her breathing back to normal, "If I were a Jedi Knight, I wouldn't be doing these excercises..."
The tall figure steps out of the shadow to reveal a young man, near his thirties, short brown hair, deep brown eyes. The man, dressed in a brown robe with a sand-colored tunic underneith, stands a good foot taller than his younger student. Clad in leather knee-high boots, black tight pants and a mid-drift sleeveless dark forest green top, her very long brown hair tied low, a single braid extending from behind her right ear, and two more braids along each side of her face, the 12-year-old seemed a lot older. Her tired emerald green eyes stare at her master.
Jedi Master Nareem walks next to his student, "You must be patient with your training, Shimi," he places a large hand on her shoulder, Shimi looks up, a hint of impatience in her eyes.
"Master, why waste time training me? I am ready for the council's tests." Shimi pleaded.
"No, you still have more to learn. You are not quite ready yet, although you are a fast and excellent learner, Shimi." Master Nareem speaks in a caring tone, "Now, we must rest. We will start more training in the morning."
"Very well, master..." with that, Shimi walked to a nearby tree and proped herself against it. Shimi wasn't one for getting much sleep, and most of the sleep she'd get was very light. Spending a night in the forest of Malastare wasn't what she had expected. She had heard about the planet's lush forest preserves, but never expected them to be quite this fantastic. The grand Naroo trees grew way beyond any normal human beings sites, and the majestic sounds of the exotic creatures could lull somebody to sleep. But not Shimi. Not tonight. She sat there proped up against one of the smaller Naroo trees and watched the bright moon give off a bit of a glow in the forest darkness. It was so peacful, why would someone want to destroy it?****
The Jedi Coucil room is lit only by the multitude of night lights from the grand city-planet of Coruscant. In the room, built in a circle to show balance, stands 2 figures.
A tall man, greying hair half pulled back, stands at a window of the Coucil room, icy-blue eyes staring out at the wonders of this giant city-planet. But he has been here before. Many times has he come back to this planet at the bidding of his fellow Jedi members. With a sigh, he crosses his arms and thinks about the many times he's had to come back to speak to the Coucil about not joining. He was a rebellious Jedi, he admits it, and not one to sit on a coucil all his life. He can never be still for so long. He is expertly skilled in the Jedi arts, better than most Jedi's currently on the Coucil. Many admit that he may be the most noble Jedi the galaxy. For 45 years he has trained and been trained by the greatest guardians in the galaxy, and he's not about to let all his training waste away as he sits on the Coucil.
"An assignment, have I for you Qui-Gon Jinn." Yoda catches the Jedi Master, who turns to face him.
"To Malastare, you will go. Duties have you to do for me." Yoda tells Qui-Gon straight off, "leaves in the morning, your transport does."
Qui-Gon, with a slight shift in his stance, asks, "What am I to do when I get there?"
Yoda grunts and wobbles closer, "Find it there, you will once there you are..." Yoda turns away, as if he has nothing more to say.
Qui-Gon nods and watches his Jedi friend dissapear out the door. Turning back to the window, he places his large hands on the railing and sighs again. ****
As Shimi awakened the next morning, realizing she hasn't had that good of a rest in a while, she was greeted by a creature that had perched itself on her knees. The creature, small and furry, cooed at Shimi. Shimi smiled and reached out slowly to touch the animal. As soon as Shimi's hand touched the furry creatures head, Master Nareem returned with some fruit and scared away the creature.
Shimi stood up, "That wasn't nice of you to sneak up on my little friend." Shimi said, refering to the furry creature.
"Little creatures like that tend not to be what they seem, Shimi," her Master advised. Nareem handed her a sweet fruit. Shimi took it thoughtfully and began munching away at it's sweet meat. The tasty juices dripped down her chin, which she half-heartedly caught with her hand. Once finished with the fruit, she discarded the un-eddible part into the bushes behind her.
Nareem seemed to tense up suddenly. Shimi could feel it as well. She glanced at her Master warily. Feeling the worry in Shimi's glance, Nareem motioned for her to stay calm. He dropped the rest of the fruit that he had been carrying and put a gentle hand on the hilt of his saber. Shimi glanced around the surrounding forest for a sign of what was giving her this itch. A dark wave seeped into her body, sensing the danger, Shimi reached for her lightsaber.
But before she could ignite it, the creature's mommy picked her up by the throat and held her in the air. Shimi dug her nails into its muscular forearm. She quickly realized this was useless as the creature's arm was like a solid bone or claw. She felt herself panicing. 'Calm down!' she thought. 'A scared mind does not think.'
The beast suddenly let out a pained cry and realed dropping Shimi. Hot blood from the creature splattered her face. She choked, and felt her tortured throat. She glanced up and saw her master fighting the beast. She wanted to cheer, until she sensed another presence. "Master!" her voice hardly carried, and it hurt too much to try and speak again. The creature fell dying, Nareem disengaged his saber. 'No! Master look out!' She knew her warning thought to him came too late.
There was a dark form with a blue saber, it cut Nareem down. Shimi tried to stand and fight, but she only passed out.
* * *
Shimi felt sick, lost and miserable. She watched the funeral pyer send her old master's spirit away from this planet, away from the terrible horror of these last few events, and felt her bitterness grow. They had come to this lovely planet to train, and now the planet looked more like a prison. And a fellow Jedi had killed her master! "I've got to get away from here! But how? I have no ship, and Master said one would be here soon but he didn't say where..." 'Calm down' She told herself. 'An answer will present itself.' It was then that she heard a ship, it was cloose to landing, she ran after it hoping to see where it was going.
* * * "The fact that it is so difficult to find a landing spot will cost ya extra." The haughty young pilot said to Qui-Gon. Qui-Gon sighed, she had seemed such a nice young lady. But she was a perfect example of appearances being deceaving. Her medium/short blond hair was usually under a feature hiding cap, and she loved a long khaki colored matching jacket. When she wasn't wearing her coat, her dark brown pants, black boots, and shirt were visible, as well as a very nice blaster. Qui-Gon pointed out the window to a small clearing in the trees, " there."
The pilot aimed her starship for the small clearing, "You know, Jedi's don't like to be mannerly. A 'please' could be in order here..."
Qui-Gon sighed, "Just do it."
"Okay, but I'm warning you, if this overgrown shrubbery overpowers my ship, I'll know exactly who to go to when I need it cleared." the pilot said, eyeing the Jedi over her shoulder.
The starship landed with a thud, and Master Qui-Gon summoned his Padawan, a young rebellious teenager named Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan, in his early twenties, was wearing a similar outfit to the one his Master was wearing. His hair was cut short and a long Padawan learner's braid dangled from behind his right ear and rested on his shoulder.
"Master, how are we to find this person? We don't know who he even looks like." Obi-Wan questioned his master.
Qui-Gon stepped up to the brash pilot and started negotiating with her on how to pay her. Obi-Wan indistinctly heard her moaning about Qui-Gon's only currency: Republic ditarians. Obi-Wan stepped up to the opened door and walked out onto the lush forrest planet.
Just then, a dark figure appeared running towards the ship, instinctivly, Obi-Wan reached for his silver hilt and ignited his saber's blue blade.
Once Shimi caught sight of the icy blue bade, her anger tore at her and she remembered the figure who had cut down her master. Grabbing her saber she ran faster and ignited the silver blade. With sudden speed, Shimi leaped on Obi-Wan, catching his saber against hers. With an electric sizzle, their blades scrapped against one another. Shimi pushed Obi-Wan away, and to his surprise, she was quite strong for what she seemed. Anger. The one motivational tool her teacher told her never to use, but that is all she could feel. Anger. Anger for this fellow knight to have struck down her master, her teacher...her friend. Shimi swung away at the Jedi, unaware of his mild attempts to block her strikes. Shimi wasted no time in trying to slice the Jedi's knees off. Taking a risky, yet powerful move, Shimi spun around.
To Obi-Wan, he wasn't quite prepared for what this woman was about to do. He had invisioned her spinning around, then striking at his legs, which he could no doubt predict, but the girl was far better prepared.
When Obi-Wan jumped up to avoid her blade, he did not expect her to kick him in the face as he came back down.
Sprawling backwards, Obi-Wan lost his balance falling to the grassy forest floor, but kept his grip on his saber. Confused, Obi-Wan was disoriented. Shimi approched him swiftly, her saber held high in the air, preparing to strike down on the young Jedi...

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