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Loyalty of a Padawan
Part 5

Obi-wan kept a safe distance away from the guards but close enough not to lose them. Occasionally one would glance back, but the Padawan brought the Force to bear down on the guard who would look away, believing he had seen nothing.
It took a great deal of time for them to reach their destination on foot, yet the guards did not seem to notice, nor did they notice the people who cowered from them as they passed. They walked as if they had made this journey hundreds of times before, perhaps they had. Either way they were leading him to wherever Qui-gon was being held, and that was all that Obi-wan cared about. He did not know what to do when he got the the command center of the rebels, but he would figure that out later. “The here and now.” He continued telling himself over and over.
Even within his concentration it was impossible for him not to think of the sight he had witnessed only hours before. His master, held by chains at the wrists while Kai-shia’s minions inflicted him with unimaginable pain, and Obi-wan could do nothing. That fact, the look of anguish written on his Master’s features, and the wound on Qui-gon’s body, was enough for the Apprentice to feel his heart slowly cracking into dozens peaces.
Although Obi-wan’s attention had been focused on his Master, he was aware of the citizens of MaraTa and their emotions. They felt sorry for the Jedi Master and he could sense that they did want to help him, but their predominate emotion was fear. They were far to afraid of Kai-shia to risk helping the man who was being tortured before them. Yet, Obi-wan also sensed an abundance of anger though the fear. The Padawan could not blame them. Who knows how long the same thing had been happening to their loved ones. But would they become angered enough to revolt against the one who was causing this pain? Obi-wan couldn’t even fathom a guess. Yet, that did not matter to him at the moment. The only thing that mattered was finding his Master and getting away from this place.
At that thought, he realized that they had come to their destination. What had once been a grand mansion on the very end of the city far from the capital building had been converted into Kai-shia’s base. And somewhere in the bowls of that building would be his Master.
He hid behind a near by building and waited for the guards to disband. Once they did and there was no longer a large number of them in one place, he came out from his cover and made his way to the entryway of the base.
The door was patrolled by two guards who stood with their weapons ready. Obi-wan sent a wave of the Force to them. ‘There is no one there.’ He projected into their minds. The guards stood blankly, unaware of the young man who approached them. ‘You should open the door.’
“I should open the door.” One guard said as she punched a command into the panel and the door slid open. The Padawan stepped though quickly and made sure he was far enough away from the guards before he released his control from their minds.
The first corridor was well lit and made it difficult to keep covered. However, it was also lavishly decorated. Kai-shia apparently had not forgotten the elaborate state of the capital building where she grew up. It had followed her, she had not completely forgotten her past. Therefore, Obi-wan made use of the many statues scattered about the halls and any open doors with no one inhabiting the rooms inside.
The Force led the Padawan further and further down the passage. He turned the corner and all the light was left behind him. Only a few glow rods, which gave off an eerie dim light, remained. He came to a metal door at the end of the corridor. The Force was screaming at him now, biding him to go down. He was about to obey the command when the footsteps and faint voices coming from the other end of the entrance made him think other wise. He quickly stepped around a corner and pressed himself as close against the wall as he could manage. Then the door opened.
“Two more days should be sufficient.” Said the female voice. Obi-wan recognized it as Kai-shia’s. It took every ounce of training for him to push down the rage he felt against the one who had caused his Master such pain and suffering.
“He is very weak, my lady.” Came the voice of her advisor. “I’m not sure he can survive another two days of torture.”
“We can go some what easy on him tomorrow.” She said with a nod. “However, if he does not survive it is of no matter. I will already have won.”
“What of the Apprentice?” The advisor asked. “There is still no word on him.”
“He is probably to devastated by the disappearance of his Master to know what to do.” Kai-shia chuckled. “I have not doubts that he will show up tomorrow or the next day. When he does we will have him. And his fate will be no different than that of his Master’s.” she paused, then added. “Perhaps worse. After all, I have a promise to keep.” Kai-shia laughs became quieter as they continued down the hallway, stopping all together when they were gone from sight.
Obi-wan let go of the breath he did not even realize he had been holding, his mind racing. They were planning on torturing Qui-gon again?! He could not allow this to happen. He had to get his Master out as quickly as possible.
Kai-shia’s confidence was a great help to him. Her pride in herself and belief that she had the people of MaraTa virtually wrapped around her finger allowed him a near flawless entrance into her base and to his Master’s where abouts. Yet, it could not last much longer. He could not bring Qui-gon back the same way he had come. His Master would no doubtedly be well guarded. He would have to find another way out. But, that would all come in time. First thing was first, to get to Qui-gon.
Obi-wan brought the Force to bear down on the lock of the door. It opened, he stepped though and found himself on a winding staircase. He walked down cautiously, testing every step as he went.
He finally reached its end and was met with a door of a cell with two guards in front of it. They saw him instantly and pulled raised their blasters against the intruder. In a blink Obi-wan’s lightsaber was in hand and ignited. With one slash he melted away the barrels of the blasters. He then jumped behind the now unarmed guards and with two powerful side kicks by the Apprentice, they were unconscious.
Obi-wan quickly opened the door of the cell. The site he found drained the color in his face. Laying on his side in the far corner of the dark, cold cell, with chains around his wrists, was his Master. His looked haggard and pale. His exposed flesh was covered in cuts and bruises. The Padawan hardly recognized him.
Obi-wan went to him, gently lifting the Jedi by the shoulders cradling him in his arms.
“Master?” He called quietly to Qui-gon. ‘Master?’ he said again, this time directly into the bond that they shared.
The eyes of the Jedi Master weakly opened. “Obi-wan?” he asked hoarsely.
“Yes, Master.” Obi-wan said, while removing his cloak and wrapped it around his Master who was as cold as ice. “I have to get you out of here.” he said and began to bring the Force down on the bindings around Qui-gon’s wrists.
“No.” Qui-gon said weakly before Obi-wan could finish.
“Master, please...” the Apprentice started, but was cut off.
“No!” The Jedi Master said again, this time with force. “You don’t know what they’ll do Obi-wan. They wont kill me, not yet at least. But they will you, without a second thought. You must go now.”
“I’m not leaving you.” Obi-wan said. He was momentarily stunned by the visions of himself in pain and suffering which were coming from his Master’s mind. He then heard Kai-shia’s words “We will do the same and worse to him,” rang in his ears. The Apprentice shuttered inwardly, but would not let these threats stop him. His master’s almost frantic voice came to him again.
“Go now, Obi-wan!” Qui-gon said firmly. Although he was in great pain, he refused to allow Kai-shia do the same to his Padawan. “That is an order, from Master to Padawan.”
“An order which I choose not to follow.” Obi-wan shot back. “You can discipline me later for disobeying you.” There was no more time for argument. Once again the Padawan let the Force come down on the cuffs around Qui-gon’s wrists. Once they opened the green light which had been been glowing on them abruptly turned red. Obi-wan knew they did not have much time. He gently brought Qui-gon to his feet, letting the weary Jedi Master lean on his shoulders. They made their way out the door of the cell and down the dark corridor.
Obi-wan knew that the guards would be on their way at any moment, therefore there was no possible way they could go out the way he had come. As they walked down the hallway they came to a dead end. A wall made of thick metal blocked their way to the outside. Yet, behind that wall was freedom.
Finding the strength to stand on his own, Qui-gon moved away from his Apprentice and leaned against another wall. His Padawan looked at him, and Qui-gon gave him a nod of approval. With that, Obi-wan unhooked his lightsaber from his belt and ignited it. The blue blade gave off a dim light which cast eerie shadows on the wall. The Apprentice then plunged blade into the wall, melting away the metal.
He heard shouting, the guards were coming. He didn’t have much time. The Padawan cut the last part of the wall away, and with a physical push as well as one from the Force the part of the wall he had burned fell to the ground with a large thud. Once again helping his Master walk, they quickly but carefully made their way though the exit which they had made.
They had not gotten far when the blaster fire began to rage behind them. Although the streets of MaraTa were dark they lit up like a light show with the storm of blaster fire which followed the two Jedi into the city. Obi-wan deflected many of the bolts with his lightsaber, but the fire was becoming increasingly heavy. They had to find cover and find it fast.
The Padawan was distracted when a jolt of pain was sent though his body. One of the many random bolts hit him in his side and grazed his ribs. He started to stumble, but he caught himself.
‘You must leave me, my Padawan.’ Qui-gon’s voice said into his mind.
‘No.” Obi-wan simply replied, concentrating on controlling the pain.
Out of the corner of his eye he saw a hooded figure beckoning him to follow. Out of instinct the first though of the Apprentice as not to trust the person. Yet, he had no time to argue to much and had no where to go, so he followed the shadowy figure ahead of him into a dark ally way.
Just before turning the corner into the ally, Obi-wan sensed a blaster bolt heading straight for Qui-gon. He had no time to react with his lightsaber, so instead of deflecting the bolt he quickly spun around letting the shot hit him rather than his Master. What would have hit Qui-gon in the back struck the Young Jedi in the shoulder. This time he could not stop himself from falling and both he and his Master collapsed to the ground. In his downward plunge Obi-wan let out a quiet gasp as his head hit against the corner of a building.
He could still hear the blaster fire, and knew neither he nor his master were safe. ‘Get up!’ he told himself firmly, but his body would not obey the command his mind gave to it.
“Padawan! Obi-wan!” He could hear Qui-gon plea worriedly. Obi-wan tried to give a reply but could not find his voice when he attempted to speak. As his eyes slowly began to shut he saw the cloaked figure standing over him making a hand gesture. The Padawan then hazily saw three more figures appear. One picked him up and the other two helped Qui-gon to his feet. The barely conscious Apprentice heard the sound of a door sliding open, then shut again once they were all inside. Though the door he could still hear the fire of blasters, but could not follow them here.
He was lain back on the ground and the figure which had first led them here stood over him. His vision clouded just as the being pulled back its hood to reveal who lay behind it, then everything around him went black.
Even though his was losing his grip on consciousness rapidly he could still sense Qui-gon’s concern though their bond. His last thought was of his Master. Hopeing that he was safe, and that he did not fail him.
After that thought, there was nothing except darkness.

Part Six
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