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Loyalty of a Padawan

By: Katie

The hyperdrive went off line and the image of a sphere began to fill the view port; blue and green, with traces of brown. The captain gracefully piloted the ship into the atmosphere of the systems main planet, aware of the two robed figures standing behind him speaking in whispers.
“Master, I sense a disturbance in the Force.” The Padawan said softly. Obi-wan Kanobi was the Jedi Apprentice to Jedi Master Qui-gon Jinn. Obi-wan was young, having his seventeenth birthday but two months ago. He stood tall in the cockpit of the ship, however he still had to crank his neck to make eye contact with his master.
“Your senses are correct, Padawan.” The Master said coolly. “The disturbance here is grate. There has been much suffering in this place.”
“And we don’t know anything more of what happened here?” Obi-wan asked.
“All we know is the information which was given to us by the Jedi council.” Qui-gon replied. This information was not overly abundant. There was a request put though to the Jedi Council for a Jedi to come to the planet of MaraTa to act as a guardian of peace. The only information which was given was that a group of rebels were taking over the planet. In a message from the rebel leader, who's identity was still unknown, stated that they were tiered of fighting and wished to reach a settlement. The date for the meeting between the rebel leader and the Prime Minister of MaraTa was set. The Jedi would be sent in to assure that the agreement would not be one sided and that the world would go on living peacefully because of it.
Although everything seemed to be in correct order Qui-gon could understand his Padawan's unease. Everything seemed to well in order. This was not normally the case of a planet going though a rebellion. He firmly believed that there was more to this story than they were being told. Qui-gon’s thoughts were interrupted by the voice of the ship’s captain.
“We are receiving a transmission from the ground, sir.” The pilot said respectfully. Qui-gon only nodded in response and in a matter of a second there was a holographic image of a woman dressed in political robes.
“I great the Jedi warmly.” She said with a slight bow. “I am Senator Kai-Shia Domia. I have been sent by the Prime Minister to escort you to the capital.”
Both Jedi bowed, but it was Qui-gon who answered. “Thank you Senator.” He said simply.
Although she was composed she gave a slight smile, “I look forward to meeting you in person Master Jedi.” She stated, and ended the transmission.
Obi-wan shot a questioning glance at his Master. “I thought we were to go to the capital on our own because it was to dangerous for any of the representatives to be out in the streets?” The Padawan asked confused.
“We were.” Qui-gon said, his suspicion matching that of his Padawan’s. “This escort which she is providing is unexpected, and her tone does not have the urgency that the situation on the planet calls for. There is something more to this simple escort than she is leading us to believe.”
“What should we do, Master?” Obi-wan asked concerned.
Qui-gon smiled at his Apprentice. “We will be cautious and alert.” He said to the boy. “We will watch out for each other, my Padawan.”
Obi-wan nodded, yet even with the words of his calm master, his unease was not satisfied.

The Jedi stepped off of the ship’s ramp and onto the soil of the planet. They walked up to the Senator who was sent to meet them. She was a tall woman with long black hair done up in many tiny braids, here eyes were a deep midnight blue. She wore the green and blue political robes which matched the color of the planet when one sees it in the sky. She was followed by three guards in silver uniforms.
The Jedi bowed in unison. “Welcome Jedi. The planet of MaraTa welcomes you and they help which you offer us.” The representative stated.
“Thank you Senator.” Qui-gon said. “It is our honor to assist you in any way we can manage.”
She looked as if she was about to say something, but they sight of the ship taking off took her attention. “If you would follow me,” She said point her hand in the direction of the capital. The Jedi bowed and followed her.
As they walked Qui-gon attempted to read the emotions from the woman. All he was able to sense was complete confidence. This caused him to worry. He glanced at his Apprentice who returned the look. Something was definitely wrong.
“Again I thank you for coming here Master Jedi.” The Senator said, her voice seeming to come from no where. “You will be a great help to me.” Her lip curled in a smile. “Kill the Apprentice, but leave the Master alive.”
As soon as she spoke these words the Jedi’s lightsabers were ignited and ready. But also as she said these words 10 guards appeared from inside of a building surrounding the pair. They began firing high powered blasters at the Jedi.
Using the Force as their guide the Jedi deflected the blaster bolts. They maneuvered gracefully as the Force moved between them. They knew each others moves and where to be to make sure the others back was protected.
Out of the corner of his eye Qui-gon saw Kai-Shia tap something into a communicator attached to her wrist. The insignia on the uniforms of the guards began to glow. They then pulled small blasters from a hidden pocket in their uniforms and fired on the Jedi at once.
With the blaster fire now doubled Qui-gon realized that it was impossible to win this battle, or even for both of them to escape. As he worked to deflect a blaster bold which came dangerously close to his shoulder, he came to a conclusion. “Obi-wan, go!” He shouted to his Apprentice over the sound of the blaster fire. Obi-wan ,who was at his back, stiffened.
“No, Master!” He shouted in return. “ I will not leave you!”
“You must get to the Capital! Go now!” The Master said once again, knowing that one of them must escape. He sensed Obi-wan’s hesitance. “Go now, Padawan!” He called to his Apprentice. Putting strain on the word ‘Padawan’ in remindance that even though Obi-wan thought of Qui-gon like a father, he was still an Apprentice and still had to follow the orders given to him by his master.
Obi-wan gave one final look to his Master. He then used the Force to lift him into the air and onto the top of a building. Then he was gone from sight.
One of the guards was making his way to the building in pursuit of the young Apprentice but before he could start Kai-Shia barked an order. “Let him go, he is of no importance! It is the Master I want!”
The blaster fire began to decrease. It became clear to Qui-gon that what she had said was true, they did want him alive. He could use this to his advantage. As the fire began to die down he gave himself a Force amplified lift and jumped over the heads of the guards. As he began to plan his fast escape one of the guards stood directly in front of him. There was a device in his hand which shot out at the Jedi Master. It looked like a claw with a seemingly endless cable attached to one end of it, the other end attached to the rest of the device still in the hands of the guards.
Qui-gon easily avoided the claw like device with a jump to the side. That jump would prove to be his mistake. For as he moved past the claw, it opened up and eight long cables shot out of it. These cables wrapped around Qui-gon’s body and when their ends touched they sent a jolt of electricity thought out the Master’s body. He stiffened as the electricity pulsed through him, he then slumped to the ground below.
He was dazed for a moment, but then as able to open his eyes. He felt a slight pain in his left shoulder.
“This should keep him quiet for awhile.” He heard on of the guards say as he injected him with a drug.
“Excellent.” Said the female voice of Kai-Shia. “All is going accordingly. It wont be long now.”
“What of the apprentice?” The guard asked.
“His wear abouts is not a concern of mine right now.” Kai-Shia said. “We will find him in time. Once we do....”
The rest of the words became but echoes and Qui-gon’s vision blurred. His last coherent thought was of his Padawan, hoping that they boy had gotten away and was safe.
Qui-gon felt his eyes close, and the darkness of unconciseness took over.

Part Two
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