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The Royal Handmaidens

Completely loyal and unfalteringly meek, the royal handmaidens accompany Queen Amidala at all times. Not only do they act as bodyguards, but they assist with her makeup,ornate gowns, elaborate hairstyles.

When Amidala officially took her place as Queen of Naboo, the handmaidens were picked. They are not chosen at random to be mere decorations, but were chosen for their intelligence, courage, fitness, and strangely but importantly, for their resemblance to Amidala.
Queen Amidala has been assigned five royal handmaidens: Rabe, Sabe, Eirtae, Sache, and Yane. Sache and Yane are the youngest, and are left behind when the Queen flees Naboo and escapes to Tattoine.

Rabe is one handmaiden that Amidala can lean on for comfort. Rabe is cool headed and has a soothing personality. She prepares the queens unusualy hairstyles, which can often take several hours to accomplish.


Eirtae comes from a wealthy prominant family where she was brought up in the strict ways of protocol and etiquette. She instructs the other handmaidens and often Amidala herself on proper manners in certain situations.


Sabe is arguably the most important handmaiden. She is the first choice to become the Queen's decoy should any danger present itself. What qualities she and Amidala do not share can be masked with elaborate costumes and white makeup. The two have become adept to communicating secretly so that while Sabe is Queen, she may carry out Amidala's wishes. Sabe poses as the Queen during the entire seige of Naboo and her true identity is not revealed until their meeting with Boss Nass and the Gungans. When Amidala is disguised as one of her handmaidens, she takes the name of Padme Naberrie.

The handmaidens each own a specially designed blaster so that they may protect the Queen in case of an attack or any unexpected danger occurrs. However, on the peaceful planet of Naboo, this is highly unlikely. Should there ever be a crisis, the handmaidens would react quickly, as they are watching Amidala every second
The outfits worn by the handmaidens are simple, contrasting sharply with the ornate robes donned by Amidala. The simple cloaks and dresses of the handmaidens are meant to lend dignity as well as a sense of meekness. All of these outfits are complimentary to Amidala's.